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Raffi Glass Diamond Mosaic Glass Tile, Geometric Accent Tile Mosaic Pattern
Diamond Style Mosaics for the Bath and Kitchen

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Raffi Glass Diamond Mosaic Glass Tile

Diamond glass tile is deceptively simple, yet the unique beauty of Raffi Glass Diamond Mosaic Glass Tiles are anything but. The combinations of natural colors in a range of different palettes combine with the attractive geometric pattern for a stunning effect in even the most modest of locations. From the kitchen to the bathroom wall to around a powerful mantle or fireplace, these classic mosaic tiles give you the flexibility to match the decor and mood of a room while infusing it with a certain natural gravitas. The Raffi Diamond Mosaic Glass Tile collection integrates stunning combinations of colors that enable customers to use them to compliment other design aspects of their home or even turn a wall into a design focal point. And the choice of a varied set of colors or a simple range of grays makes it easy for you to use them to accent a specific design element in a room as well as to integrate the tiling seamlessly, so it feels like it belongs. Raffi Diamond Mosaic Tiles are great for Backsplash, Countertops, Wall Tile, Floor Tile, and Wall Accent.