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Raffi Glass Basketweave Mosaic Glass Tile, Classic Victorian Design for Bath and Kitchen
Basketweave Mosaics with Victorian Era Style By Raffi Glass

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Raffi Glass Basketweave Mosaic Glass Tile

Raffi Glass has made a name for itself by offering the most unique designs and patterns within their glass tile line, while also providing with the basics that people recognize and still ask for today. Raffi offers the traditional basketweave design in several colors. Like snow-white subway tile, black-and-white basketweave floor tile was popular among cleanliness-obsessed Victorians, who appreciated floors that could be tromped on, scoured, and flooded with rinse water - and come up shouting hygienic. You can still find century-old unglazed basketweave in historic houses, restaurants, and bars. Basket weave tiles are great for bathroom backsplash, kitchen and bath countertops, floor tile, and wall tile.