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Happy Floors Vega Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Vega Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Vega

It is difficult to decide which Vega was thought of in the creation of an eco-friendly eclipse on elegance that is offered by Vega, a full body porcelain tile from happy floors. Vega is one of the brightest stars in the sky and this is a fair choice, especially with the grandiose galaxy inspired striations, streaks and waves that are inherent in Vega porcelain. Memories of fertile valleys and plains in Spain may come to mind with some of the warmer and more earthen hues and their absolutely natural nuances of sophistication. For the artistic and inspired, Lope de Vega and his poetic plays may be the perfect cause for your dramatic design differences that are made possible with Vega from Happy Floors. Regardless your reason or influence, the regal eloquence and character offered by Vega are something stunning that will be remembered and reveled for years to come. Enjoy the striking stone and marble resemblance with the durability and ease of care that is promised in a porcelain tile floor, ensuring your star struck work of art from the valley will captivate continuously. Enjoy depth and dimension as each style, size and color takes on its own ambient application with options that will leave you swooning. Black is a picture perfect option for walls and floors alike invoking imagination and Grey is solemnly simple yet sophisticated. Bone and Sand get back to the basics in an urbane manner while Tobacco smokes the rest with rich reds and browns that are entrancing, available in 18x18 and 12x24 to add further dimensions of diversity. If this was not enough for you to write home about, check out the Mosaic Mixes that will crawl walls, compliment counters or boost your backsplash with 1.5x1.5 square in concoctions that will complete. Vega is a name of suave style sensation and your home or office should be a space of such, and that endless elegance is available with Vega from Happy Floors.