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Happy Floors T-Stone Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
T-Stone Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors T-Stone

The "T" in Happy Floors T-Stone tile stands for "travertine" or "terrific", "tremendous" or "too-totally-top-notch". Who knows? Regardless, this rustic yet refined travertine inspired porcelain tile flooring line is still pretty impressive. High-tech printing processes give T-Stone its unique and authentic coloration. The intricate interplay, subtle veining and natural look that make travertine so appealing are all on display in this cool collection. Considerate of your couture as well as the trappings of the trees and the rest of Mother Nature's gifts, Happy Floors brings you T-Bone in a tenacious form that is environmentally friendly with construction that included recycled materials to ensure you get the most out of your style and sustainable sense of fashion. Have fun and get funky or fulfill classical settings with soft, smooth and striking option from Happy Floors. T-stone is top of the line and has a color palette to prove it. Indulge your indigo child within with this stunning blue hue or get slated, not slighted, with the slate impression of Grey. Neutralize your nuances with the light, inviting and rich warmth of Ivory and Beige or get a little natural and nutty with Walnut. If these famous and fashionable colors were not enough, Warm and Cold Mosaic mixes, that includes 1.5x1.5 square options that are entrancing and linear layouts that are hypnotizing at .5x12 measurements. T-stone is certain to measure up while you let your style get down and additional metal corner and pencil features just perpetuate your poised sense of posture when it comes to couture, style and décor dreams come true. Exterior sanded option plus the Slip Resistance r12 makes T-stone a home run for style and Happy Floors a slam dunk of sustainable durability, leaving you no longer longing for your porcelain peace of mind.