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Happy Floors Roma Stone Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Roma Stone Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Roma Stone

Happy Floors Roma Stone Porcelain Tiles are so beautiful they can actually soothe any great leader. From the accounts of history, Julius Caesar wasn't an easy man to please. If only Cleopatra had rocked up with a pallet of Roma Stone life may have been so much different for the Roman republic and all that followed afterwards. How could you not love this tile? Deck your urban American villa out with Roma Stone and Julius, Marc Anthony, or even Constantine would be more than happy to hold counsel in your abode while sipping on your finest vino. Homeowner, you have the great leaders' seal of approval with this porcelain collection by Bellavita! Avorio, Grigio, Noce or Nero. Take your pick. Four rockin' colors delivering a unique feel that brings the more traditional blended full bodied porcelain into your 21st century villa. The sleek porcelain tile has many advantages: it is easy to maintain, inexpensive, durable and child-friendly. All this without compromising the design you are looking for and without upsetting relations in neighboring realms. There is yet another perk to Roma Stone tiles that Caesar never even dreamt of: they can give a wood flooring effect when using the Avorio and Noce blends. Alternatively, Grigio and Nero offer sleeker, crisper finishes more aligned with traditional porcelain tiles. Available in three standard sizes, 12in. x 24in. , 6in. x 24in. , 20in. x 20in. as well as 1.5in. mosaic, versatility is the name of the game, mix match and conquer as a Roman General would see fit. Cleopatra, it is time to transform your home into your palace. Unwrap your carpet, unwind and pour a glass of Tuscan red and wait for your Roman general to return from the office. Your house, your rules.