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Happy Floors Pietra Nobile Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Pietra Nobile Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Pietra Nobile

The noblest of stones is one that is true to many things, including and not limited to, style, origin, culture, elements and beyond. When thinking of a stone that would be deserving of such a name, one would wonder a few important things, like its ability to stand up to the tests of time, style and sophistication and Happy Floors has delivered just that with Pietra Nobile, a porcelain tile that translates to you as "noble stone". This may be considered to be noble in many ways, from the intense variety of styles, the subtle warmth of the impeccable imitations or the time honored tile traditions of Happy Floors that will promise you a durable and easy to care for surface that will only stand out when it comes to extraordinary style. Available in a variety of sizes and colors as well as Rectified options for seamless and silky finishes, Pietra Nobile is powerhouse porcelain that has it all. Smooth and inviting, 18x18 Matt tiles and 17x17 semi-polished rectified arouse ambiance and culture. Available in Almond, Oro and Noce to capture the subtle differences and nuances in detail and color promising your floors to be fashion forward and you walls and counters way out there is a wonderful kind of way. Dress is up and get down with deco pieces that differentiate. 2x2 Mosaics are a masterful blend full of color variation that are perfect for counters and showers alike while the .75x.75 offer something bold and busy for backsplash and border needs. If this does not have you swooning for the swanky sophistication of Pietra Nobile, your noble and notable designer décor will soar with 3.5x3.5 Hex Mosaic Semi-Polished Rectified, a perfect pairing for your poised patterns and 3x17 and 3x3 deco pieces etched with eternal charm will complete the look as your stone cold nobility is emphasized with Pietra Nobile porcelain from Happy Floors.