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Happy Floors Pietra D'Assisi Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Pietra D'Assisi Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Pietra D'Assisi

The fine folks at Happy Floors were intending to capture the pure essence of Italian marble and stone in a more frugal and fun loving form that requires less care and they impeccably imitated such in Pietra D' Assisi, a "stone" cold Italian inspiration ready to recreate your retreat rendezvous with unrivaled style. Happy Floors Pietra d' Assisi tile offers classic stone-inspired beauty and modern porcelain performance. This elegant tile flooring collection draws influence from the travertine and slate stone of the Italian countryside, and reinterprets the natural beauty into a versatile porcelain form. Recycled for the environment and remarkably replicated for your home environment, this durable and dynamic stone like porcelain tile will recreate spaces, personal and professional, effortlessly with strenth and sustainability that will stand true through traffic, celebrations and your dinners worthy of standing ovations. Italian elegance, invite and warmth are at your fingertips as well as the tips of your toes as this gorgeous collection offers textures, weathered and etched options for contemporary, urban and cultured settings. Whether lighter shades like Noce, Beige, Grigio or Bianco, or darker shades such as Salvia, Orca or Rosso, Pietra d' Assisi offers a color to match any taste. The collection is also available in a variety of sizes including 20in. x 20in. , 16in. x 24in. , 16in. x 16in. , 8in. x 8in. , 6in. x 6in. and many deco options including 3x6, 4x4, 5x5, and beyond, remembering that each size features each color and multiple deco options alongside simple stone. Pietra d' Assisi tile is a phenomenal choice for any rustic, country, or traditional decor setting. Rich culture, immense character, charming versatility and antiqued attributes make Pietra d'Assisi an instant classic to make your home a masterpiece marvel, thanks to the happening hipsters at Happy Floors.