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Happy Floors Nucomo Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Nucomo Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Nucomo

The Nucomo line from Happy Floors is like a daydream of cozy interiors with tufting of soft features. These versatile porcelain tiles floors reveal a cloudy complexion that softens an interior blending the perfect amount of angelic grace with rigid stone-like influences. Happy Floors Nucomo is an instant mood enhancer as its happy-go-lucky personality helps to create a welcoming interior that beckons you to kick your feet up and relax in. As if you are constantly on cloud nine, Nucomo pumps up the volume with rich interplays of complimenting tones in playful swirls and puffs. Happy Floors Nucomo is a stunning contemporary floor covering that creates volume through wall and floor application options. This versatile style with the ability for limitless application locations allows for a cohesive décor. Tying together any space, embrace the calming beauty of Nucomo in three tranquil tones applied to 12in. x20 and 20in. x20in. porcelain tiles. The light shade of Snow is like a winter wonderland beneath your feet, minus the frostbite. Warming things up a bit, Ice features a stone gray backdrop with faint hints of tan undertones. The third and final shade of Sand reveals more traditional influences dressed in warm sandy creams. The Happy Floors Nucomo is a stylish choice in flooring that balances the home with trusted durability. When applied, it brings all its welcoming features in for unforgettable interiors.