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Happy Floors Neostile Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Neostile Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Neostile

Neo-styles feature some of the best of history. They manage to combine forms together to add to or revive a style and it just so happens that Neostile from Happy Floors is just the resuscitation your home and office needed right now. Happy Floors Neostile is hot, hot, hot! This ultra-modern fabric-inspired porcelain tile collection is the perfect solution for any homeowner or designer looking to add a chic, contemporary design element to any space. NeoStyle features the subtle, striated, layered look of sheets o f fabric stacked and pressed together. The appearance is soft and inviting, while the porcelain construction is durable and sturdy. Revitalizing rustic regard into racy rapture, let the Neostile styles and sophistication add elements of extraordinary excitement to walls, floors, counters and more from the home front to your store front. Colors include Ekru, Ash, Chocolate and Grafite, offering all the diversity and depth required from your neo-neutral necessities. Sizes include 18in. x 18in. , 12 x 24in. , 12in. x 12in. and 6x24 (sizes available dependent on color chosen), allowing bold conformity, uniform urgency or random realism that will be combine your neo-couture for something that is, well, more. A variety of trims and Mosaics including 1.5x1.5 squares for counters and beautiful Muretto Mosaics that feature off centered slants that stack right up against sensational style standards, and a variety of trim pieces. Neostile from Happy Floors really is one of the coolest contemporary styles out there today, and hey, the price is pretty impressive too so evolve, emerge and embark on your own neo-journey of you today!