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Happy Floors Natif Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Natif Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Natif

Is your current flooring not enough for what makes you swoon over style sophistication? Do you feel as if you are eschewing elegance? Have a little rustic recidivism? No need to fear, happy floors is here and ready to be your answer for your unfettered urban appeal that is screaming for something more urbane, that makes you the cognoscente of culture with Natif full body porcelain tile. If other imitations of not been enough to meet the standards of Natif, that is of no surprise as this is the ultimate in contemporary appeal showcasing all of the luster and allure of hardwood with the durability and ease of care that partners with porcelain tile, especially that of the full body nature. Capturing the elements of linear grains that are uniform in colors that are anything but, all combined with bold and brazen plank portrayals, you are in for quite the treat with Natif from Happy Floors. Transform walls and floors alike as this elongated aficionado of elegance is your hardwood answer for a fraction of the financial forfeit. Rich and rustic colors will cool off any space while welcoming regal warmth as your 12x24in. "planks" playfully make your space pop. Ambra is a soft and smooth cool beige brown finish, while Cherry captures burgundy and a hint of chocolate. For the single color simplistic types with two tone trends, the light and reflective Vaniglia opens space for your spectacular style that is ever so elegantly underdone. Culture, charm and distinguishable décor is available from the dark roasted realm of color options, Curry adds instant Couture. With additional decorative pieces and durability that can't be denied, Natif from Happy Floors is precisely enough for your deserving demands.