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Happy Floors Living Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Living Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Living

If not for living, than what is life for? What is living though? To most, living is doing what you want to do, no matter how bold, brave or benign you wish your existence to be, it is the ability to say yes, when you want to say yes and say no, when you want to say no. If you have not yet mastered this in your life you can start with the transformation of your own home, where you probably do a great deal of your living to begin with. If your home is not the most fashion forward and free-bird friendly than your living may be a little less livable than you desire, but have no fear, Happy floors are here and with a name like that, of course their goal is to make your home a happy one. You will get a spark of happiness by knowing that these floors are made from recycled materials, meaning your living style is taking care of not only you, but the planet. Next, feast your eyes of the diverse design applications available from this stone line Living porcelain tile from Happy Floors. Start off by indulging in the smooth and silky colors with subtle surface variations that add elements of depth and dimension, available in the basic neutral fundamental foundations of Cream, Beige, Brown, Black and Grey. Next, imagine fixating eyes on your fireplace as the ultimate in interior design is mastered with the ability to dimensionally progress without straight lines, a design devotees dream with the 9x9 stacking Treccia sheets or the Mosaic options that are perfect for backsplashes and bathroom counters alike. For the rest of your floors and walls, office or home, utilize the 24x24, 12x24, 18x18 or 12x12 options either alone in a uniform matter or together to capture your ultimate avant-garde ambiance and really start living out loud with Living porcelain from Happy Floors.