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Happy Floors Hickory Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Hickory Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Hickory

Making your home your masterpiece was no easy task-- until the Hickory Porcelain Tile range by Happy Floors appeared on the market and stared at you in the face and said BUY ME. Hello Homeowner, meet Mr. Hickory. This is sure to be a match made in heaven: a tile that oozes style just like its owner. Available in three intelligent color blends of Cherry, Fog and Honey which instantly add elegance to any abode. The recipe to create such a subtle colour palette is not easy, and yet the HICKORY collection manages this with ease. Giving your living room or bedroom an ambiance of swirling subtlety which always delivers a final feel of limitless space combined with serenity and beauty. This inspirational palette has an earthy and natural feel but an ultra-modern finish. Happy Floors takes your masterpiece from the Stone Age and casts it forward into the 22nd century. Enduring and easy to maintain, this full body porcelain tile delivers a wood feel with all the advantages of porcelain; durable, long lasting and child-friendly. Don't say we didn't warn you: the advantages do not end there! The fun begins when you, the designer, engineer this tile to suit your masterpiece in the making. Available in 6in. x 36in. or in bullnose 3.2in. x 18in. how you configure this arrangement allows a custom style which, when adapted to your play place, has unlimited possibilities. In linear, block or a diagonal fashion, you are free to construct this tile in a style which suits your desire to see your masterpiece take shape. HICKORY has the ability to transform a room. Completing your masterpiece in the making suddenly became a much easier task.