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Happy Floors Fragranze Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Fragranze Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Fragranze

Happy Floors Fragranze is the ying to your missing yang. Happy manufacturers make happy floors, and happy floors make happy homeowners. Floors, whether neutral or bold in their aim, need to complement all that they are surrounded by, when such a combination has been achieved bliss and calm may dawn over your abode. With the backing of Feng Shu-ists across the globe, stretching to the orient and back, this flooring delight succeeds expectations floor in, floor out, day in, day out. Not content to simple appease, the Fragranze series insists on wowing designers with its elegance and style. Available in 4 colors: Papaya, Sandalo, Talco and Vanilla, this range really has it all. Natural earthy tones in grey, cream, earthy brown and a dark rich brown, they lay a leisurely layer of luxury across any homes that they encounter. In two sizes, 6in. x 24in. or 3in. x 24in. Bullnose, they dress to impress. Happy floors even sneaked in one special Mosaic in ??in. x 4in. incase the other two sizes didn't quite cut it for you. If you feel it is time to get your chi in check, the harmonious Fragranze range is the Grandmaster of all that is flooring. Perhaps it is time to stop relying on those horoscopes and make a bold step in regards to your homes natural energy. We are not sure if it is the sushi or the fascination for doing weird things with trees, but the Japanese are wise old folk. They always profess that energy is important and your Zen must be in check. We here at Ecomoso are confident that Mr Miyagi would condone your flooring choice and bless you as ying yang certified.