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Happy Floors E-Stone Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
E-Stone Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors E-Stone

With Happy Floor's E-Stone Porcelain Tile Collection you can give any room a simple yet notable upgrade in the form of decorative accent trims, mosaics, or the collection's full body porcelain tiles that are characterized by thin, undulating stripes of various hues that give any space a bit of direction . Adding a compelling detail will really help you to fall in love with your space. But be sure to use this collection in moderation to ensure that you don't become addicted. With these stimulating tiles it is easy to do. They boast formidable shades ranging from white to black and every gray in between, each variation looks luxe and modern, and they cooperate very well with many shades of white or even with brighter hues in your house. If you find that you are often the one giving directions instead of taking them, this collection is perfect for your dogmatic lifestyle. Available in stark shades of black, white and gray, these tiles mean business. Getting right to the point, these tiles, like you command attention and respect. Any clean, modern space can power through to a post-modernist style aesthetic with the beautiful geometric mosaic tiles that comes in every shade and varying sizes. The E-Stone collection comes in various shapes and sizes ranging from a more delicate 1.5in. x 1.5in. or 12.5in. x 4in. mosaic sheets to 8in. x 8in. and 12in. x 12in. statement pieces. If just one color seems less than stimulating or underwhelming, consider mixing it up with other shades for an appealing, more exhilarating effect.