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Happy Floors Africa Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath
Africa Tile Collection by Happy Floors for Residential, Commercial & Resort

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Happy Floors Africa

The Happy Floors Africa collection takes you on a wild safari ride that no amount of travelers checks can pay for. Rather, Happy Floors offers affordable beauty those premiers an influential exotic touch that brings excitement and character to any corner of the home. Safe from rampant lions and stampedes of wildebeests, Happy Floors Africa is a dramatic collection that will forever remain full of lively charm. Intermixing tones instantly steal your attention as they weave and dart about hardwood-like visuals. This dance of wood-meets-tile creates a well-balanced product that provides the comforts of wood flooring with the conveniences of full body porcelain tiles. These wood look tile floors expose your home to new elements that will stand up to the test of time. Come mud, scratches, light, and heavy foot traffic, the intense nature of these intricate floors will remain as vibrant and as intense as they day they were installed. An eco-friendly alternative to captivating the natures of mother earth, Happy Floors Africa makes every room happy with an inviting charm that brings warmth and comfort to any drab interior. Chunky 8in. x24in. porcelain planks amplify the appeal of Happy Floors Africa offered in an array of three captivating color blends. African White is a light finish with calming creams while Beige is a slightly darker option that works in accents of dusty brown detailing. The final finish of African Taupe is a lively choice mixing together sleek stone brown-grays with rugged tan undertones.