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BACK TO BUSINESS! Touchless, Hands-free, Hygienic Products

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BACK TO BUSINESS! Touchless, Hands-free, Hygienic Products

We hope that you, family and friends are safe and doing as well as can be expected during the current health crisis.

For those who are thinking of ways to ensure a safer and more hygienic way of life at home during COVID-19, we've put together a few suggestions. It is no surprise that the most requested products over the past few weeks have been touch-free faucets with anti-bacterial soap and hygienic bidets/washlets. This is the perfect time to explore these products - they are ready for purchase with most in-stock and ready for immediate delivery.

These products are the tip of the iceberg. We have many more categories and products in our Hygiene department such as Bidets, Bidet Hardware, Electronic Faucets, to name a few.