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Sugatsune - Expert Review
Expert Rating: 5 Stars

Sugatsune is a Japanese company distributed throughout the world! They have very unique products and are used in very tricky and difficult installations! The quality and precision of their products is the finest in the world! They use a lot of stainless steel so you will find their products in boats, airplanes , very weather proof applications! Their dimensions and scale is also a very unique reason why architects specify Sugatsune for every different one of a kind project!

Sugatsune America, Inc. manufacturers a variety of Architectural Hardware including Cabinet Hardware, Stainless Steel Drawer Slides, Handles, Knobs, Catches, Latches, Lid Stays and Lamp Brand hardware. Sugatsune has a rich tradition of manufacturing and distributing high-quality hardware. Our products combine unparalleled quality, ingenious design and meticulous attention to detail.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of Sugatsune products on the web. Please browse through the categories, and if you are unable to find an item, just click here and we will help you locate it.

To obtain the lowest pricing possible, we recommend you call 858-859-9691 to speak with one of our sales consultants.