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Glass Tile & Stone

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PlumbTile offers over 250 Name Brands and 120,000 Products.

Glass Tile & Stone carries glass, stone and tile products made by major brand designers from around the world. Featuring collections from glass, tile and stone firms such as Adex Tile, America Universal, Cosa Marble, Hirsch Glass, Jeffrey Court, Spec Ceramics and Stone & Pewter Accents, Plumbtile stocks a selection to satisfy all glass, tile and stone product needs.

With exceptional service, free shipping and guaranteed price matching, can make your home improvement or commercial building experience simpler and far less expensive.From the home renovation project to the commercial construction industry, no order is too small or too large. Please see our extensive list of brands in each of the showrooms listed below.

Beautiful flooring comes in many different styles, colors, and choices so you might feel overwhelmed with the options that are put in front of you. However, knowing the options is the first thing to do so you can make the best decision for your bathroom design or room that the floor has to go in. Whether you want something that stands out, or you want something more subtle, we have them both. Everything from ceramic tile, porcelain, glass or outdoor tiles; we have you covered.

Taking a look at all of the flooring options that we have is something that you can do to get a little bit further than you ever thought possible. You can completely transform a room into something beautiful, something comfortable and something welcoming for not only your guests, but for you after a long day. Ceramic tiles provide a look unlike any other for kitchen design, and can mimic other forms of flooring. Porcelain is a beautiful shiny material that will glisten and gleam. Glass is a perfect addition to the rooms that you want to have a little extra luxury and class in, while outdoor tiles will withstand the outdoor elements that it will come into contact with throughout the year, while still being able to hold up.

Whether you want one or another, you can make sure to have a beautiful floor through professional flooring brands that can provide the right tile or stone that you want to have. Whether it is ceramic tile, porcelain, glass or outdoor tiles, we make sure to have you covered. You can have the best price, the best service, and the best-looking floors in the neighborhood with the awesome options that we provide you with.

Shop today to start transforming the floor in your home, and let us know how it turned out when you show off the luxurious floors. If you are looking for a deal be sure to check out our clearance accessories for both kitchen and bathrooms.