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Boyce & Bean Tile - Glass, Stone and Metal Tiles

Boyce & Bean

Boyce & Bean Tile Collections have created glass tile, stone tile, and metal tile. Their collections can be used together on the same projects in a harmonious way. A reliance on local inspiration and artistry informs everything Boyce & Bean makes. Boyce & Bean has established a reputation for creating beautifully designed, handcrafted products with an emphasis on natural colors and textures. Use Boyce & Bean Tile for floor or wall in the kitchen, bathroom, entryway, patio and backsplash, countertop, accent wall, or wall art.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of Boyce & Bean products on the web. Please browse through the categories, and if you are unable to find an item, just click here and we will help you locate it.

To obtain the lowest pricing possible, we recommend you call 858-859-9691 to speak with one of our sales consultants.