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    Duravit - XViu Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit Duravit - XViu Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit
    Purchase Duravit - XViu Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit
    • SKU: du-xv4231l
      Duravit - XViu Wall-Mounted Vanity Unit

    • Retail Price $730.00

      You Save 35%

      Shipping Weight: 20.94 pounds


    • XViu Vanity unit wall mount, 1 door 397x434x334
    • Brand: Duravit
    • Collection: XViu
    • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): XV4231LB107, XV4231LB109, XV4231LB116, XV4231LB118, XV4231LB121, XV4231LB130, XV4231LB131, XV4231LB135, XV4231LB143, XV4231LB149, XV4231LB151, XV4231LB152, XV4231LB153, XV4231LB179, XV4231LB191, XV4231LB207, XV4231LB216, XV4231LB209, XV4231LB218, XV4231LB221, XV4231LB230, XV4231LB231, XV4231LB235, XV4231LB243, XV4231LB249, XV4231LB251, XV4231LB252, XV4231LB253, XV4231LB279, XV4231LB291, XV4231LB122, XV4231LB175, XV4231LB222, XV4231LB275, XV4231LB111, XV4231LB112, XV4231LB113, XV4231LB169, XV4231LB171, XV4231LB172, XV4231LB180, XV4231LB211, XV4231LB212, XV4231LB213, XV4231LB269, XV4231LB271, XV4231LB272, XV4231LB280, XV4231LB138, XV4231LB140, XV4231LB147, XV4231LB185, XV4231LB186, XV4231LB189, XV4231LB190, XV4231LB238, XV4231LB240, XV4231LB247, XV4231LB285, XV4231LB286, XV4231LB289, XV4231LB290
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