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    Duravit - DuraStyle Vanity Unit Duravit - DuraStyle Vanity Unit
    Purchase Duravit - DuraStyle Vanity Unit
    • SKU: du-ds6499
      Duravit - DuraStyle Vanity Unit

    • Retail Price $1,175.00

      You Save 35%

      Shipping Weight: 28.66 pounds


    • 24 Inch x28 3/4 Inch x13 3/4 Inch
    • Brand: Duravit
    • Collection: DuraStyle
    • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): DS649900707, DS649901616, DS649901818, DS649902121, DS649903030, DS649903535, DS649904343, DS649904949, DS649905353, DS649907979, DS649909191, DS649900718, DS649900743, DS649900918, DS649900943, DS649901618, DS649901643, DS649901843, DS649902118, DS649902143, DS649903018, DS649903043, DS649903118, DS649903143, DS649903518, DS649903543, DS649904318, DS649904918, DS649904943, DS649905118, DS649905143, DS649905218, DS649905243, DS649905318, DS649905343, DS649907918, DS649907943, DS649909118, DS649909143, DS649902222, DS649907575, DS649902218, DS649902243, DS649907518, DS649907518, DS649907543
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