The Top 4 Things You Missed at Dwell On Design

So for those of you who missed it last weekend, the Dwell on Design show was amazing. It’s the West Coast’s biggest design event, was at the LA Convention Center and is put on by Dwell magazine (check out their twitter here). The top names in interior decoration, kitchen fixtures, bathroom tile, modern furniture and advanced appliances were present to help turn the houses of today into the homes of the future. Continue reading →

How-To: Lay Glass Tile

Glass tile has steadily risen in popularity these past few years, and as a result costs have been driven down as competition increases between makers. Even better, eco-friendly processes have become involved, and some makers boast 100% recycled glass tile lines.

Oceanside Glass Tile Mosaic

However, some contractors are reluctant to lay glass tile because they are not used to the methods to set it down. It’s different from ceramic tile and if done wrong can be costly to re-do. Contrary to popular belief, it’s fairly easy to do, as long as you’re prepared appropriately. Continue reading →

Oceanside Glasstile's Faceted Radiance- Durable, Sustainable Tile


You can’t forget about tile when designing your bath or kitchen. Even if your arrangement doesn’t call for it, Oceanside Glasstile can change your whole composition when used as an accent. The focus of my last few posts have been about the functional side of the products we offer: faucets, handles, showers and accessories. Just as important is the background that your kitchen and bath fixtures are placed in front of.

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