Do-It-Yourself: Install New Kitchen Countertops


Are you bored with the look of your kitchen? Are your countertops showing all the wear and tear of preparing and cooking your meals? What you can do is give your kitchen a new makeover with the simple task; install new kitchen countertops!

Step 1: Choose a Material for the Countertop

This project is for installing granite countertops, which may call for consulting with a professional for help on certain aspects. Some countertops are best left to the pros, who have the proper tools and technology and will measure and cut these large pieces with laser precision. But countertops can be made of many materials and once correctly cut are installed using the same steps. Once you decide what materials you are going to use for your countertops, check with the manufacturer for their suggested installation techniques. Continue reading →

Some of the Best Wood….Is Hardwood!


As homeowners search for new hardwood flooring, it’s clear what is uppermost in their minds: Authenticity. An appealing look or style is not enough. While consumers are certainly concerned about a floor’s durability and value, they want something of substance even more. They choose hardwood because it reveals much about their taste, values, and what is important to them. They want something authentic. If you are looking to install your own hardwood flooring, here’s how:  Continue reading →

Tile Flooring Buying Guide

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So, you’ve decided that you want to install new tile for your kitchen, bathroom or any room, now what?  The first thing to keep in mind before you purchase the tile, is that the options are virtually endless.  Simply put, there’s something for everyone, for every style.  So, do some research and pick a style before you head to the store.  This way, you can make a more informed decision, and not become inundated by the numerous choices. The different styles, textures and patterns can make purchasing tile a difficult decision.  Here are a few tips to follow that will make your purchase a success: Continue reading →

Design Software Gives You a Planning Edge

It is fun to shop for new plumbtile products for your home.  But many people have a hard time making a decision on the right product because they can’t envision exactly what it will look like in their home.  This means they may not happy with their choice once they actually see it in the space.

But using design software can be a big help when it comes to making product choices for your remodel project.  The software allows you to put in your dimensions and choose from many different styles and patterns to give you a sneak peek at possible designs and outcomes.  So whether you’re wondering if your current space can accommodate a sleek custom made tub from Ameritech, or if your floor would look better with some Walker Zanger tiles, design software can put some ease into the project planning. Continue reading →