Featured Kitchen Remodel Trends of 2011

Just in case you are still having troubles coming up with ideas for that big remodel of yours, this post is here to inspire you. Kitchen remodel trends in 2011 are sticking to color schemes, textures, and lighting. The great thing about each new year is the slight changes an improvements in efficiency and function of almost every part of a kitchen. Here is a look at some of the best kitchen remodel trends of 2011.

Kitchen Colors

One of the most important things on a person’s mind as they choose new colors for their kitchen is resale value. Even if you are not planning to sell the home anytime soon, this should be a consideration. At the same time, a homeowner wants a kitchen that is unique to them. The 2011 balance for this is to use warm, neutral colors.

Think earthy browns, muted reds, and shades of tan and beige when looking at color palettes for the kitchen. The opposite side to this would be cool muted colors such as olive green or powder blue, which are also very stylish. Also, try to keep this palette to one or two colors for the walls, and use the kitchen appliances, furniture, and accessories as the accent colors.

Add More Color With a Custom Backsplash

If you are just itching for more color in the kitchen, refrain from painting the walls bright purple! Instead, opt for a customized backsplash. These can be made from tile, glass, porcelain, or even recycled plastic, and add a beautiful personal flair without being “overdone.”

Stone Countertops

In a recent survey, almost 82% of consumers said they prefer stone counter tops over any other material. This is really great news, because stone can be used in so many ways that there is no reason to have boring, replicated counter tops. Try polished stone, or worn vintage-inspired stone tiles to create a completely unique counter top. You can even mix in a few complimentary colors to add interest and texture to the overall look of the kitchen!

Top Faucet Styles and Brands

In that same survey, consumers were also asked to identify their top three favorite faucet brands and their favorite style of faucet. The clear winners turned out to be:

  1. Hansgrohe
  2. Kohler
  3. Dorn Bracht

..and the top faucet style came up as contemporary pull out, with 64% of the vote! This means that faucets should be sleek in design and feature a pull out feature, much like the Kohler – Clairette.

Multiple Lighting Sources

Kitchen trends of 2011 are also featuring multiple lighting sources in place of the traditional “big light” model. Rather than one harsh source of light, many consumers are choosing statement lighting fixtures with a few hidden light sources throughout the kitchen.

One of the most important sources of light in the modern kitchen is natural lighting. Large windows and even skylights will provide ample natural lighting for an open and airy feel. For hidden light sources, go for track lights or recessed lighting around the kitchen, under cabinets, in cabinets and above the stove.

Green Products

Of course, kitchen trends of 2011 are going to stay with the eco-friendly theme. In fact, green and sustainable kitchen accessories are becoming more and more trendy by the day. From bamboo hardwood to countertops made of recycled materials, there is a huge demand for the eco-friendly version of almost any product. Also on this “hot list” are energy-efficient appliances and water-saving faucets.

Look for the “green alternatives” to almost any part of the kitchen for that extra oomph. You will be getting a unique and trendy kitchen while also doing your part to save the planet! Want some ideas? Catch our post: Spotlight on 4 Eco-Friendly and Modern Companies

How to Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Planning your kitchen remodel sounds a bit tedious to some, but is absolutely essential if you want things to go smoothly. Without a well-laid plan for the project, you could spend thousands more than necessary and several months chasing your own tail.If you followed the last post in this series, How to  Set a kitchen Remodel Budget and Get Design Ideas, then this step should be a breeze for you!


Here is the best way to plan your remodel from start to finish.

Document the current design.
First, you should know exactly what you are working with. Whether it is your own kitchen or a client’s that you will be

remodeling, it is important to know the “starting point” of the project. The best methods of documenting this are

  • Create 1 freehand drawing of the current kitchen (or pay someone else to sketch it)
  • Take lots of pictures of the current layout, design, appliances, etc. Take pictures of everything you will probably be changing.
  • Create or get a blueprint of the current layout.

Why go through this trouble? This process serves many purposes, not least of which is the ability to make notes all over the current design that state what to change and

how. Remember that famous quote “he who fails to plan, plans to fail.”

Document the desired result.
After gathering ideas from the last step of what you want (and don’t want), you should already be pretty well equipped to do this step. This part of the planning process really does require professional consultation or expertise. If you are a professional designer, builder, or architect, then you are golden. If not, it is highly recommended that you opt to consult or even contract the services of a professional to help you. Choosing to do this now is what will save you from spending too much time and money attempting to fix mistakes that could have simply been avoided.

The elements of this process include using those remodel ideas you gathered to:

  • Do a few freehand sketches/computer prints of what you want the new kitchen to look like. Do at least two or three from different angles.
  • Shop around online for specific kitchen products that fit your vision. Take note of all measurements. If they are not shown in the product descriptions, call the customer service line for more information.
  • Use this information to draft a blueprint with exact measurements of what the kitchen will look like after the kitchen remodel is complete.
  • Adjust those preliminary sketches/computer images to match the design contained within the blueprint for a 3D preview of the new kitchen.

Take you time when look at kitchen accessories, because the quality of the products you use will ultimately make or break the success of your kitchen remodel.


Now that you know where you are and where you want to go with this kitchen remodel, begin planning what will be done and when. Give timeframes and even deadlines for

each part of the remodel to be completed, allowing a little leeway (about 30%) for setbacks that may occur.


The only thing left is to purchase your supplies and get down to work!

How to Set a Kitchen Remodel Budget and Get Design Ideas

In the last post of  this series, 4 Signs that You Need a Kitchen Remodel, we talked about some sure-fire signs that it’s time to upgrade the kitchen in a home. Now, the second most important step in the process is deciding exactly how to spend on that remodel. How much will it cost to create that dream kitchen? How much is actually available to you?

Gather Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Tip: clip and save pictures of the products you love!

When deciding on a kitchen remodel budget, it is often helpful to know where you are going with the project itself. What things need to be replaced, and how much will those replacements cost? Is there major construction involved (such as tearing down walls or building in all-new pipes), or it is simply a matter of hauling that old dishware out and hauling in the new one?

If you are completely at a loss, start by making a list of everything that is broken, stained, or otherwise undesirable right now. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • The fridge that gobbles electricity and/or no longer works properly.
  • The sink that is scratched, cracked, broken, growing mold, or otherwise unsightly.
  • That laminate flooring that is yellowing.
  • Those broken tiles…or all of the tile.
  • That old stove that is a huge pain to clean (trade up with a sleek glass-topped one).

If you aren’t remodeling out of necessity, you are free to make changes based on “because I want to.” Either way, getting ideas for sexy new layouts, color, textures, and more is a great way to start building a kitchen remodel budget. Try magazines, TV shows, or even the Internet to get more ideas than you can handle.

As you go, make note of items you want and their “average” prices. This will help you build a “want” budget. I.e., the budget required to have everything you want.

Determine How to Pay For the Kitchen Remodel

Finally, it is time to go through what is available to you. Contractors and designers have it easy because they will simply get the budget from their clients, but the client may have some difficulty deciding what they can actually afford. The two most common options to look into are:

  • Current savings (if they are not deemed as emergency savings).
  • Equity. You might be surprised to find out just how much is waiting for you in an equity line or loan.

Discovering what is available to you will give you a “have” budget. Quite often, you will find yourself with a gap between the “want” and “have” budgets. If this is the case, it is time to close that gap by shopping for better deals on quality kitchen remodel supplies. If you still see a gap after hunting down the best deals on what you need, you may need to put off some of those things on the “want” budget. Add them to your holiday or birthday wish list instead!

Following these steps will help you better understand and envision what is truly possible for that kitchen. Once you’re there, it is easy to start Planning a Kitchen Remodel, which just happens to be what the next blog in this series is about!

4 Signs That You Need a Kitchen Remodel

Spring is in the air! Do you know what that means? No…not more birds waking you up at 6 AM or more pastel colors than we can stand. It means time for some major kitchen remodeling! But how can you be sure it is a necessary step? Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, here are a few surefire signs that a kitchen is in dire need of an upgrade.

The electric bills are horrendously high.

When electric bills start hurting our finances, the first step most of take is to buy more efficient light bulbs and make sure all appliances not in use are off. But appliances that are always plugged in like that fridge or freezer could go unnoticed for years, leaving you to wonder why all of your efforts have been in vain. Even if you do nothing else, it may be time to look for newer models which are energy efficient. While you’re at it, replace that leaky faucet with one that doesn’t waste so much water – and money!

There hasn’t been a remodel in about 30 years.

Credit: JuddejahThere is a difference between vintage and worn out. If your kitchen looks exactly the same as it did in the 60s, chances are it’s time for a remodel. Kitchen remodels sound like a very big job to those with and without experience, but they needn’t be. Identifying just 4 or 5 things to replace or upgrade in the room (such as the counter tops and flooring) can give it an instant boost.

There are major signs of disrepair.

Credit: Jared ZimmermanPeeling wallpaper or floor laminate, yellowing or chipping paint, rusty faucets, a very loud fridge, cracked or broken tiles and countertops. All of these are considered signs of disrepair and will seriously lower the value of a home. A remodel can easily have all of these replaced and up that value more than you may think.


You are sick of the design, layout, or functionality.

A kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be “necessary” to be necessary. Sometimes, you just can’t stand that center island, or really need a stove that works dependably. Perhaps the color scheme makes you sick and you want to throw all of the appliances in a swamp. Sometimes a remodel is simply necessary for your own sanity. Just as a new wardrobe or makeover can make many of us feel like a million bucks, a kitchen remodel can make our homes feel like palaces.

If you think you may be in need of a kitchen remodel, be sure to check out the next title in this series: How to Set a Kitchen Remodel Budget and Get Design Ideas. Coming soon!