Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop Tile


Kitchen countertops are the pride and joy of any great kitchen, which means picking the right countertop material, is an important task.  Asking yourself (or the cook of the family) some important questions will help in the search for the perfect countertop.   What is the priority in the kitchen; style, durability, usability, green factor or maintenance.  All of these items should go into choosing the correct countertop for your new kitchen.  Continue reading →

Celebrate Earth Day!

ImageEarth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and has grown in popularity from an environmental movement that only hippies cared about to a global movement to save and clean up the Earth.  Trees are planted, parks cleaned up, green is made “cool” for one specific day.  Citizens of the world give up time and energy to help make the Earth a little more beautiful.

Globally the green movement is taking effect and at we are making an effort to offer products that are not only stylish and durable, but also greenContinue reading →

Kitchen Cabinets: Important Tips for Choosing New Cabinets

Oak kitchenWhen it comes to adding value to your home, put your money where your mouths are.  The 2 rooms that add or detract value most from a home are the kitchen and the bathroom.  Right now stainless steel appliances are the trend but there is no sense investing in them only to put them next to shabby cabinets in an outdated kitchen.  When renovating a kitchen, start with the cabinets first.  An older refrigerator or stove will look better surrounded by new cabinets.  Continue reading →

Go Green: Tropical, Coconut Mosaic Tiles

Green Mondays by PlumbtileLet us introduce a very tropical product  tile. It gives your home a feeling of warmth, natural, elegance, stylish and yet very GREEN.  Mainly used in the commercial industry it is now making a breakthrough into the residential industry as more and more people want to make their home Eco-friendly with the warm, style of coconut mosaic tiles.

cork tile


Coconut mosaic tiles give you a more responsible choice in decorating walls, ceilings and floors while at the same time helping a greener environment by making use of otherwise wasted coconut-shell materials.  The coconut tiles will make any room in the home or business more sound proof also.  The natural coconut material will buffer sound so that the high traffic rooms of a bathroom and kitchen are much quieter.  The tiles are affordable also.  These tiles are not out of reach for the residential consumer.

Coconut mosaic tiles are made of  coconut-shell chips. Our coconut chips are cut from natural coconut shells which are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia.  By using coconut shell as tiles, we also could occupy at least 40 workers for the whole month.  Now, coconut mosaic tiles gives the answer for environment issue and fighting for the world’s poverty. We design and create the tiles which are ready to use and very easy to apply.

Five Elements is distributor that we work with here at Plumbtile.  If you would like more information you can view the coconut mosaic as well as other natural products they carry here.  Call for our Extreme Savings at 866-369-8180 and speak to one of our sales consultants.

Green Monday: Designing an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Green Mondays by Plumbtile

What does “eco-friendly” mean to you?  Does it mean that you conserve water?  Does it mean that you bring nature into your bathroom by using natural products?  Here at Plumbtile we are able to design a bathroom for your home where you can enjoy the natural look of stone and tile while conserving water and electricity through luxury fixtures.

Ceramic Tile Trends - Coconut Skin ChocolateBring nature into your bathroom with natural tile products.  We work with 70 manufacturers that carry tile in cork, coconut, recycled leather, IPE Hardwood, Italian Marble, Israeli Limestone, Jerusalem Stone and other hi-quality natural stones.

You can easily conserve water by installing a Luxury Low Flow Showerhead.  Moen has a beautiful selection that is also economical on our website. Choosing a showerhead with a pause feature can save you gallons of water.

Mico - Provincial Thermostatic Tub & Shower /Shower HeadConserving electricity is possible through a Provincial Thermostatic Tub & Shower Head made by Mico.  Thermostatic shower valves regulate the temperature of the water within one half of a degree of the desired temperature.  You can also install a Tankless Water Heater and save reheating 30 – 40gallons of water all day.

We have many more ideas for designing your Eco-Friendly Bathroom at our Go Green – Energy and Water Saving page. Right now we are offering Free Shipping!  To speak with a Sales Consultant please call 1-866-369-8180.

Your Bath Away From Home

Hotel bathrooms can easily impress or disappoint. Their details range from the basic toilet-sink-shower combination to spa-like amenities you might view at a tropical resort. Today’s society tends to live by the ‘bigger equals better’ motto and that applies to hotel bathrooms, as well.

masterbathThere are endless ways hotel bathroom design has transformed over time. Before thought of convenient ‘in and out’ spaces have become more personal. Many designers have decided to make the bathroom part of the bedroom by avoiding the separation between the two. Glass bathroom walls and shower enclosures create a sleek and open airy feel.

Why not experience the feel of ultimate luxury while staying away from home? Many hotel rooms have moved in this upscale direction for that particular reason. Most homes do not have open bathrooms, so having that different setup when staying at a hotel makes your visit that much more out of the ordinary.

Bathroom Size Compared to Bedroom Size

Think of hotels you stayed at 10 years ago versus one you stayed at within the past year. Do you notice a difference? In past years bathrooms were designed to only take up about 15% of the hotel room. Today hotel bathrooms occupy at least 20% or more of the total guest room size.

The News on Fixtures

You will find more updated guest rooms that are not shy about highlighting the once private bathroom facilities. Sinks are now often plainly viewable for convenience and could even be part of the decorative scheme of the entire room. Showers with glass walls are becoming more popular and you may even notice the lack of a regular bath tub. It is still somewhat popular to conceal the toilet in many hotel room designs. Doing so creates a more private feel for a guest that might be staying in one room with another person.

A New Luxury

New automatic flushing toilets are all the rage in Japan. It is not often on the wish list in our society, however it is possible this could become a necessity in the near future.

Check out this video from a YouTube user:

Helping the Environment One Flush at a Time

Go Green! Some hotels are concerned about reducing water usage and they try to do so by incorporating low-flow fixtures, such as shower heads. But something screams luxury to a guest when they are being blasted with a high volume of water in the shower. Therefore such environment friendly fixtures might not always be favored.

For information on making your own bathroom more like one in a luxurious hotel suite, visit Plumbtile. And make sure to also visit to enter our Facebook contest!

Plumbtile Showcase: Native Trails

As the kids head back to school and summer begins to wind down, Plumbtile is taking a look at some of the most memorable moments of the summer, and those we have to look forward to. This year has seen many strides in kitchen and bath design, function, and responsibility. New, eco-friendly, and glamours trends are gaining speed. There is one brand, however, who has always been at the forefront of our minds when we think “green,” Native Trails prides itself on hand-crafted products which are “one of a kinds works of art” and made of sustainable and recycled materials. Native Trails also showed up with very innovative and – as always – beautiful ideas at the Dwell on design showcase of 2011.

That is why we have decided to place Native Trails for today’s showcase. Take a look at the video below to get and idea of the artistry that is Native trails design!


If you would like to find out more about Native trails and the other eco-friendly brands that Plumbtile is proud to offer, check out our site here.

Kitchen and Bath Style Ideas From Kohler

Kohler is known for its innovation and design ideas which stem mostly from natural sources – the drama of a lotus flower can easily be turned into a faucet or showerhead in the minds of the Kohler artists.

To help us use their products in a way that suits our own needs and tastes, Kohler also presents kitchen and bath showcases to inspire our own interior design. Below is a video of one modern-yet-classic kitchen with warm and inviting colors and seamlessly integrated fixtures.


Of course, the bathroom is not to be forgotten! While it may be one of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom creates quite an impact on the entire feel of your home, and really says a lot about you! You want your bathroom to send the right message and be a space that you simply love. With all of those water-consuming features, it is also more and more important to think on green alternatives. This video showcases some of Kohler’s finest ideas in the green living movement.


There are, of course, many brands who have begun to manufacture their products to be more eco-friendly, so pairing a water-saving Kohler toilet with tile, glass, faucets, and showers from other brands to create your very own look is not a crime! Some of our favorite green companies can be found on this page to give you unlimited possibilities.

Spotlight on 4 Eco-Friendly and Modern Companies

These four companies are just a few in a long list of manufacturers dedicated to lowering their impact on the environment and offering eco-friendly and highly functional products. To see more eco-friendly companies, visit the Plumbtile Green Products page.


Heading up one of the hottest trends in green living in Hansgrohe, with their line of EcoSmart products like the Raindance shower heads. These products need almost 60% less water to function, while still providing you with the durability, quality, and luxury you’ve come to expect of the Hansgrohe name. Less hot water means a lower cost for you, and less CO2 in the environment.

Due to the technological advances of enriching water with air, your shower experience is filled with plenty of soft water for superior comfort. Not only is this smart for the environment, but for your lifestyle! To update your bathroom, take a look and the Hangrohe EcoSmart products such as the Raindance shower head.


California Faucets

Of course, water consumption doesn’t only take place in the shower. In fact, most water usage in the home will be coming through your faucets, so it is very important that these be as eco-friendly as possible.

Enter California Faucets, with a 32% water savings, non-toxic finishes, and recyclable materials. These faucet designs are stylish and smart – for your wallet and the planet. Don’t forget their shower heads, either. These feature the same finish and materials as the faucets, and offer a 40% water savings over traditional options.



Even before “eco-friendly” and “green living were” words in the common vocabulary, Duravit was heading the movement towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their concern for sustainability is the reason they continue to use sanitary ceramic in their products. The production of this material has little impact on the planet, and involves natural ingredients like kaolin, clay, and quartz.

The combination of that unwavering sense of environmental responsibility and particular quality control methods result in products which are long-lasting and highly functional without harming the environment.


Native Trails

One of the core values of Native trails is a high level of respect for the environment. To achieve their lofty eco-friendly goals, this company create products from recycled and reclaimed materials, prints only on 100% recycled paper, and even composts at the company headquarters!

On top of these measures, each product is handcrafted, limiting the productive pollution to a minimal level. When you purchase products from Native Trails, you can rest assured that you are actually helping the environment.