Think Big With Your Small Bathroom


Dissatisfied with not having adequate storage in your small bathroom? Not happy with the dark lighting? Or just tired of feeling claustrophobic? Then it is time to create a functional and delightful bath even if it is small.

Creating an illusion that your bathroom is bigger starts with factors such as bathroom fixtures, colors, lighting, storage and accessories. You can make a splash with a few minor alterations.

Bathroom fixtures: One way to give your small bathroom room is to go with a wall-mounted washbasin with a wooden shelf underneath to hold supplies, and a towel bar. Or a petite vanity style sinks with a single drawer and a place where you can have baskets underneath to hold bathroom content. Even wall mounted toilets, can give you the extra space needed in your tiny bathroom. These compact commode tanks is hidden inside the 2×6 stud wall, allowing for 9 inches of extra space in the center of the room. Or get space in a small square bath by positioning the vanity sink in a corner.  Continue reading →

Sizzle Up Your Summer With An Outdoor Kitchen


Summer is coming! Are you ready to entertain guests with your outdoor kitchen and dining area? Cooking up a great outdoor kitchen is easier than you think.

Your outdoor kitchen can have the same options as your indoor kitchen, giving you the convenience you experience with your indoor kitchen amenities. As long as items are waterproofed like stainless steel, stone or ceramic, you can corporate kitchen cabinets, counter tops, grills, refrigerators and even fireplaces in your new outdoor cooking and entertaining area.  Continue reading →

Go Green: Tropical, Coconut Mosaic Tiles

Green Mondays by PlumbtileLet us introduce a very tropical product  tile. It gives your home a feeling of warmth, natural, elegance, stylish and yet very GREEN.  Mainly used in the commercial industry it is now making a breakthrough into the residential industry as more and more people want to make their home Eco-friendly with the warm, style of coconut mosaic tiles.

cork tile


Coconut mosaic tiles give you a more responsible choice in decorating walls, ceilings and floors while at the same time helping a greener environment by making use of otherwise wasted coconut-shell materials.  The coconut tiles will make any room in the home or business more sound proof also.  The natural coconut material will buffer sound so that the high traffic rooms of a bathroom and kitchen are much quieter.  The tiles are affordable also.  These tiles are not out of reach for the residential consumer.

Coconut mosaic tiles are made of  coconut-shell chips. Our coconut chips are cut from natural coconut shells which are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia.  By using coconut shell as tiles, we also could occupy at least 40 workers for the whole month.  Now, coconut mosaic tiles gives the answer for environment issue and fighting for the world’s poverty. We design and create the tiles which are ready to use and very easy to apply.

Five Elements is distributor that we work with here at Plumbtile.  If you would like more information you can view the coconut mosaic as well as other natural products they carry here.  Call for our Extreme Savings at 866-369-8180 and speak to one of our sales consultants.

Green Mondays: The Natural Comforts of Cork and Leather Tiles

Green Mondays by PlumbtileIf you’re looking for warm, cushioning tile, think cork. Soft like suede, it has wonderful insulating qualities and resiliency of easy-to-clean surface of wood or tile; plus luxurious appeal from its earthy colors and rich visual texture. Made from tree bark, it’s also a natural and renewable resource, so it’s environmentally friendly.

The material is waterproof (think of the cork in a bottle), and the natural waxy substance inherent in cork, called suberin, makes it mold and mildew resistant, too. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, a cork floor could provide a soft and warm alternative to allergen-collecting carpet. Being waterproof it can also go in rooms such as bathrooms and saunas. Cork is even naturally flame-resistant also. And it’s acoustically insulating properties — shhh, it’s quiet — will take the clatter out of noisy traffic. To view a picture of cork tile for walls in a kitchen by Five Elements go here.

Five Elements also carries Leather Flooring that is truly beautiful.  Leather flooring is durable, looks incredible in most interior settings, and is very supple. Interior leather flooring is extremely comfortable on your feet and also provides heat insulation benefits. Leather in general has a very elegant look, a wonderful aroma, and is naturally lustrous.

At Plumbtile Architectural Bath & Tile Specialists we carry a large selection of green tile products for walls and floors from several different companies. Whatever your design needs are; we can help you.  Call us at 1-866-369-8180 to speak with a Sales Consultant and ask about our Free Shipping.

Porcelanosa’s 1st Architecture and Interior Design Awards 2013

Porcelanosa, one of our main tile vendors, is known for holding their Architecture & Interior Design Awards every year; which now has a new award program to it. This program is held in the United States and it is a design contest for design and architecture professionals. This contest will be judged by notable professionals in the industry. Finalists, who are picked by the judges, will then fly to Spain where the rest of the awards competition will be held; approximately 15 teams will be chosen to go. In Spain, the finalists will get to finish competing with the other projects that were picked from all over the world. Get ready to be excited! The finalists will get to go visit and tour the Porcelanosa factory themselves as well as tour places in Spain at no expense to them!

In Spain, at the Architecture & Interior Design Awards, there will be two types of awards given out and a contestant can have up to three projects in any of the two categories they choose or both. The first category is Forward-Looking Projects. This section is for contestants to create and design an area that follows set guidelines. These guidelines include using Porcelanosa products, building the inside of a restaurant, and including certain features in the restaurant. Contestants in this group can use their imagination and design whatever they want as long as they follow the basic guidelines. The second type of award is the Completed Projects award. Unlike the Forward-Looking Projects, the Completed Projects can be any type of design as long as the project was completed between January 2011 and February 2013 and used Porcelanosa products.

All projects will be judged using specific criteria that includes but is not limited to functionality, product use and creativity. The prize includes getting recognized nationally and internationally through different publications. This is a great way for designers to show off their talent and definitely get recognized for it. For more information about this wonderful new award program, click here.

Porcelanosa Ceramic Mosaic Tile Porcelanosa Wall Tile Porcelanosa Floor Tile

Porcelanosa is known for their quality and beautiful products. The company has many years of experience and is a top notch kitchen, tile, and bath manufacturer. Distributors of Porcelanosa, such as Plumbtile, make it easy for you to decorate your home and make it look good using top products on the market today. Plumbtile offers many choices of wall and floor tiles by Porcelanosa to help you design your new space.

Visit the vast selection of Porcelanosa products at Plumbtile, go to

Monday Design Tip: What You Should Know About Underlayments

In the past, a lot of time has been spent in the discussion of the various means to bond tile but no enough consideration has been given to the underlayment material with which these tiles adhere to. But what really is an underlayment? They do many things but their main purpose is to give a foundational support for installations of tiles.

Despite the fact that some types of underlayments have their great strengths, for instance concrete, the actual support should be given by the structure. With slab-on-grade treatments, this is a problem that is rarely encountered. But with suspended slabs, a number of factors can have an effect on their suitability. Greater strength underlayments like backer boards, compounds that are self-levelling and even those mortar beds won’t be able to compensate for the deficiencies on the structure – in its lack of particular support. While some stuff or methods of installation may be likely to cover the deficiency in the structural support for a short period of time but these inadequacies will later on be revealed.  Sellers, contractors, users and installers are inclined to depend on the underlayment’s strength as advertised to them. Every kind of underlayment item should have the characteristics that will give a strong foundation of support for the installation of tiles which is the case of how one product could have strength of 30 PSI can outperform one product with 7000 PSI.

There are many methods mentioned in the Tile Council of North America Handbook in the use f membrane systems. A number of traditional products for underlayment have their standards recorded under the American National Standards (ANSI) A118 Material Specifications. The tile industry depends upon these documents. These documents are not intended to be market documents. In truth, you won’t be able to find even one manufacturer recorded there. In order to achieve an underlayment method to be in the handbook necessitates extensive independent testing and documentations along with a process of approval. The condition for the product to pass the American National Standard is painstaking and meticulous. So does this entail that products not included in the TCNA methodology or not under ANSI are of lesser quality? Not automatically. It will take years of demonstrated performance for a product to be listed in either document.

How’s your remodeling project coming along?

Lay a Stone Patio with these Easy Tips

Every DIY project comes with a level of difficulty- and laying a stone patio is one of those tasks high on the complexity scale. This job requires heavy lifting, cement mixing, and crawling on the ground all day. If you are up for that kind of challenge, here are some helpful tips to make your work a lot easier. Setting patio stone is comparable to laying bathroom tiles. The major difference is the weight. While setting bathroom tiles can be done by one hand, it takes a lot of strength and brawn to move heavy stones. The most simple of projects can take up to four days, while large scale ones can take months to complete.

Jerusalem Mt Carmel Cobblestone Tiles Heavily Tumbled 24x24x3/4 inchAlways plan ahead by sketching out your project, create a nice layout that will complement your lawin or backyard. It is ideal that you make sure none of the stone tiles are cut. Plumbtile has a wide vareity of stone tiles that are great for this project. If you are looking for a specifically organic or heavily tumbled look, this 24x24x3/4 inch Jerusalem Mt Carmel Cobblestone Tile is perfect. It comes in other smaller sizes as well for smaller areas or crevices, for a coherent look. Also, make sure to mark all in-ground gas, electric, water or phone lines.

Here are some tips to help you this project. You can ask the help of a professional if you are not sure you can perform a required task.

  1. How to ExcavateDo not attempt this without the proper tools.  First, you will need 3-foot stakes which you will have to drive into the ground a foot outside the corners of your patio area. Now get a builder’s level and find a spot where the house meets the patio. Find a level and mark the stake with a marker. Dig 6-12 inches down from the mark on the stakes to reach the subgrade.
  2. The BaseCover the subgrade with a blend of crushed stone and dust. Dampen with water. Use a plate compactor and repeat process – cover, dampen, and tamper.
  3. Bed SettingMix one part dry cement with 12 parts stone dust to use a setting. Add the water slowly to make nice mix. Start on one corner, and carefully shovel out enough to lay the stone tiles. Level the mixture with your hand. Stone will settle into the wet mix half an inch or more depending on the weight, so spread the mix thicker.
  4. Stone layingLike tiles, lower stone with smooth face up. For heavier ones, you will need help. Twist the stones lightly to place them firmly in the bed. Tab the sides with a rubber mallet.
  5. LevelingCheck the edges to make sure they are in the correct angles. To adjust, use a square shovel and add or remove wet mix from the bottom. It is important to brush and rinse before the wet mix dries. Keep people and pets off the laid stones until the setting hardens.

Other tips:

  • Tiles come in smaller sizes. Avoid cutting tiles; just purchase the smaller versions of the same design.
  • When the patio is firm enough, spread stone dust over the stones. Sweep stone dust into the crevices and along the edges.

Need more expert tips and advice? Find some assistance here or contact Plumbtile today.

Faux Silica Glass Tiles are here

Plumbtile remains on top as the leading showroom of contemporary and traditional kitchen and bath designs. What are the characteristics you will see in Plumbtile? They lead the kitchen and bathroom decorative marketplace by functionality, luxury, and quality products.  Plumbtile stays on top of the latest decorative trends, while maintaining traditional elegance.

So what is latest and “in” for kitchen and bathroom tiles?


Read on and we’ll tell you more.

What is Agate?  Why so special?

Agate is a type of silica, a microcrystalline variety and is characterized widely by its bright color. They are found in many types of rock.  Agate often forms from nodules in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas. Just imagine how much time it took to form them. Silica is found in many crystalline forms, the most common being quartz, which is the second most common mineral on earth.

These special rocks are the most beautiful formations you will ever see.

Silica in my bathroom?

Yes…. and before you jump into any conclusions: Faux Silica, silly.

agateThe Silica mosaic glass collection available at Plumbtile looks amazingly like the real deal. They all look like naturally layered agate formed from many years of volcanic stress. The finishes will remind one of matte silk and some iridescent pearl.

Call 1-866-369-8180 today to find out more about silica and agate.

You can also contact Plumbtile to find out more about their amazing products or latest trends!

Tile Craft for Kids

Arts and crafts can help keep your kids busy for hours. Free up your day and enjoy some “me” time by introducing your kids to crafts. These type of activities need not be expensive. Just go to any home improvement or construction store to get materials. You can also visit online showrooms like PlumbTile and look at the tiles available. For kids, it would be best to pick the most inexpensive tiles for their craft projects. Usually plain tiles are best, but you can get creative and think of other projects as well for older or more advanced kids. You want to buy as many tiles as possible; you just can store them for later and bring them out on rainy days or special occasions. Continue reading →

Beautiful Bathroom Tile

Have you wanted to add some pizzazz to your small bathroom but have been afraid that adding different tile might overwhelm?   Try adding just a few unique tiles from

By adding just a few, spread throughout the room or a grouping of four in various areas, you can change the whole look of your bathroom.

Here are some of our favorites:

All Tiled Up

They offer a beautiful selection of hand-made tiles.

California Pottery

California Pottery & Tile Works produces a broad array of tile designs including exquisite Persian, Islamic, Saracen, Spanish Colonial, and Mayan designs as well as classic floral designs of the historic Malibu & Catalina Potteries.

Whether you want to add some fun or a touch of elegance you will find what you need at Plumbtile.  And if you are on a tight budget, make sure to check out their clearance section for some great deals.