How to Easily Install Shower Surround

Photo Source: Universal Plastics

Installing walls for your shower may seem like a difficult project, but it is actually easier than you think. Successful shower surround installs shouldn’t take more than a day with the proper preparation.

If you already have securely fastened ceramic tiles, you can simply install the surround wall over them. Plastic and any loose tiles will need to be removed and the wall behind them needs to be prepared for the shower surround install by sanding smooth. All new shower surround installations will need a waterproof backboard as a wall surface.  Continue reading →

How to Prevent Mildew in Your Bathroom

Plumbtile: MTI Tubs

Everyone wants to have a clean house, but most importantly everyone wants to be sure that their bathroom is the cleanest room in that house (aside from maybe the kitchen). Your bathroom is the place where you go to get cleaned up after a long day’s work; if it’s dirty, you’re not truly clean after being in there. The bathroom is also one room in the house that your friends and neighbors will judge you on. Not everyone is judgmental like that, but it’s hard to want to go somewhere when you know that their bathroom is worse than a truck stop and you’re afraid of catching something from being in the same vicinity as those mold/mildew ring around the bottom of the toilet or tub. So here’s the skinny:  Continue reading →