Updating the Most Used Kitchen Item – The Kitchen Sink

It is Remodel Thursday and we have a great  tip for you. Today, we are all about the kitchen sink. Are you ready?


Elite - Kitchen 24

The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the sink handles most of the daily chores. That’s because it’s the only working area used to both prepare meals and clean up after them. Although quality sinks can last 15 years or more, they do wear out. Their finishes start to dull or chip, and annoying leaks appear mysteriously around the rim and drain.

When replacing the kitchen sink one could get overwhelmed with so many options — single bowls to multiple bowls of different sizes, shapes and depths — you need to consider the size of the room and how you’ll use the sink. Large multi-basin models, which are popular right now, will overpower a small kitchen.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association, an industry trade group, suggests a standard 22X24-in. single-bowl model for kitchens less than 150 sq. ft. For larger kitchens, you can consider the added convenience of double and triple bowls that allow you to stack the dishes in one bowl while you rinse off vegetables in the other.

Kohler - Cordial(R) cast iron entertainment sink with two faucet hole drillings

Many designers specify one main sink and a smaller bar sink for large kitchens. The added smaller bar sink, like the Cordial Cast Iron Sink by Kohler, works out well when there are 2 cooks in the household. It also works well if there are children in the home.

Whatever size and bowl configuration you choose, you’ll also need to select the type of mounting you want. This is both an esthetic and a practical decision as described above.

You’ll also need to specify the number of holes in the sink deck. This number will range from one to five, depending on the faucet and the number of accessories you will have like spray hoses and soap dispensers you add.

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Let's Go Organic…in the Kitchen

Green Mondays by PlumbtileIt’s Green Monday once again!

We will never get tired of spreading awareness about our environment as well as providing our readers with the latest trends in green design.

Do you know what 2013 will bring to the world of kitchen design? Organic. That’s right, warm, earthy gourmet spaces. Mixing wood, slate, stone, and other rustic materials with industrial pieces.

Terry Mulligan of Yahoo gives us the latest trend in kitchen design:

Earthy Colors

Greens, blues, grays, browns, yellows, reds — these colors will be making a grand appearance in kitchens across the country. Whether on painted, weathered cabinets or handmade, upcycled tile, earthen colors will warm up our cooking spaces like never before. All shades are fair game, unless they glow neon. Stick to what you find in nature, and you’ll be right in style.

Organic Wood Cabinets

Instead of traditionally styled, stained, and glazed cabinets with fancy millwork, look for a more understated display of rustic wood on cabinet surfaces. Spalted maple or natural birch drawer fronts will be mixed with clean, industrial-styled cabinet doors and brushed stainless steel. And this year, austere shaker cabinets will be reinvented in many ways. It will be a welcome, yet unusual departure from the kitchens of the last 10 years.

Wood, Stone, or Tile Counters

Granite may not be the material of choice for countertops anymore. Wood and stone like slate should dominate — then add tile tops and backsplashes with a handmade look and feel. It’s all about color and textures that make you feel at home and comfortable this year.

Materials in Their Natural Form

Anywhere you can use materials in their natural form, it’s time to do so. Exposed beams on walls and ceilings will add a rural touch in some kitchens. Wood counters will sport natural, unfinished edges in their shift to a more organic style.

Rustic Floors

Rustic floors will be the rage. Reclaimed wood or polished concrete with amazing stain work will pull the other organic elements of the room together. Slate floors will also be in demand over highly polished marble or tile. Yet even in their natural form, these floors will still be a work of art. Artisans will be lending their expertise to make them part of a unique and extraordinary kitchen design statement.

At Plumbtile, the leader in all things bathroom and kitchen design related products, we have a wide array of green products from counters, faucets, and even tiles that are that are made from renewable resources that have none to minimal impact on our environment.

Let’s GO GREEN in 2013!

PlumbTile features the largest collection of premium brand names including Alno, Jado, Hansgrohe, Herbeau, Phylrich, California Faucets, KWC, Newport Brass, Toto, Ginger, Americh & Zuma Tubs, Hastings, Sugatsune, Classic Brass & more.

New Year, New Kitchen!

newLast Thursday, we encouraged our readers to remodel their bathrooms for the new year by inspiring them with new trends for the year. For this week we would like to help show you some design ideas on how to get that new kitchen you always dreamed of.

Enumerated below are some of the design ideas and products we think will suit your kitchen to match the overall look and feel of your home. Click on each image to find out more. Enjoy!

Antique Green

Timeless Kitchen Style


Natural Setting



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Out with the Old Sink, In with a New BLANCO SILGRANIT II Sink

eewKitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that more easily become outdated during a home’s lifetime.  Designer Gloria Graham of Kitchens for Living (www.kitchensforliving.net) took on a tough project of transforming an older style kitchen for a homeowner Florida.

The need for change was obvious from the peeling cabinet paint to the lack of counter space and storage.  Though in need some upgrades, the kitchen still had good bones and is located at the center of the house, making it the heart of the home.  The most important factor was to keep the homeowner’s footprint, while incorporating strategic improvements that would go a long way.  The homeowner also had some products on her wish list there were able to be incorporated.

Gloria’s design inspiration stemmed from the desire to creatively utilize existing kitchen space.  She chose to bring in a British Colonial feel by incorporating the “X” motif and rattan inserts in certain pieces the cabinetry.  Due to limited natural light in the kitchen, it was best to steer clear of the more traditional deeper colors as the room would have become much too dark.  In order to meet the homeowner’s need for more counter space and storage, the center island size had to be expanded.  There is now counter space available in almost a full 360 degree area throughout the kitchen.  Completing the package are a few small sneaky details that make this kitchen unique and fresh.  These details include discreet cabinets that house the coffee maker and toaster oven as well as microwave drawer, keeping these appliances hidden when not in use.

Blanco - Precis Super Single Bowl - TruffleThe updated cabinets have a maple stain and darker glaze on them and rattan panels were included in order to create a balanced flow with the other dining room furniture.  The cabinets were designed by Gloria, herself, and custom built by Brendan Donovan Furniture & Cabinet Co. (www.Brendandonovancabinets.com). Appliances in this kitchen include Thermador (gas range top), Subzero, Wolf and Bosch.

The homeowner’s favorite new feature was a durable white BLANCO SILGRANIT II Precis Super Single Sink.  This classic style sink works nicely with the surrounding upgrades and its convenient size allowed for the surrounding space to be fully utilized.

With Gloria’s help the homeowner was very pleased with the end result.  Her love of her new BLANCO Sink and the kitchen as a whole is extremely evident.  This is the perfect example of how to increase storage space and functionality of a kitchen, while also brightening up the space and giving it a traditional airy feel.

Have a Happy Holidays from Plumbtile.com!


Congratulations Blanco!

Blanco has been synonymous to high-quality bathroom and kitchen fixtures and accessories since 1925. The company is known for exquisite caliber sinks, faucets and accessories for residential and commercial uses. Boasting of over a hundred undermount and drop-in stainless steel kitchen, prep and bar sink models, as well as granite sinks, Blanco is one of the top manufacturers that have always been trusted by PlumbTile.

We take pride in saying that we provide the most comprehensive collection of Blanco products on the web. Not only is PlumbTile honored to distribute products from a quality manufacturer such as Blanco, we also want to let our readers know that they were recently given the Red Dot design award for 5 of their latest sinks and faucets. The products, judged on innovation, functionality, ergonomics, and ecological compatibility, that emerged winners are the Blancomodex, Blancoandano, Blancoyovis-S, Blancovondo and Blancoculina-S.

Red Dot is a very prestigious award for excellent design. Out of 4,515 submissions, Blanco, along with other winning designs, was chosen by an international jury of 30 independent specialists..

Congratulations Blanco!

If you want to find out more about Blanco or check if any of their Red Dot awarded designs are available, just click here and the staff will help you locate them.

Time for some Stainless Steel Sink Shopping

Let’s go shopping! Here are a few tips we want to share with you to shop for that perfect stainless steel sink.

Tip #1 – Consider the Drain

Blanco - Spex Undermount Single BowlStainless steel sinks may come with or without drain assemblies or baskets. Always give plus points to sinks with accompanying drain assemblies. Also consider the location and design of the drain. Do you know that a drain towards the back means more usable space for dishes in the sink and most importantly, better drainage? That’s right. A rear drain is always better, as shown here. This is a Spex Undermount Single Bowl. Blanco is a manufacturer of high-quality sinks, faucets and accessories for residential and commercial purposes.

Tip #2 – What makes a sink?

Bates & Bates - Sat Rim / Sat BowlLet’s get technical. You should know what your stainless steel is made of. Always know its ingredients. Your sink must be 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This is the best “formula” for optimal corrosion and stain resistance. A lustrous satin finish will develop a better patina over time than matte-finish stainless steel.  To find out if your sink is the best, stick a magnet. If it holds-unfortunately it’s not the best sink.

Here’s an example of a sink with the best components:  Sat Rim / Sat Bowl from Bates & Bates (which incidentally also comes in bronze).

Tip #3 – Knock, knock

Magnum Specialty Undermount Double Bowl Sink With ApronYes, give the sink some thorough knocking. Also look for rubbery undercoatings that deaden the sound of water and silverware hitting the sides. You can be sure a sink is lightweight or without an undercoating if it sounds like a steel drum. If you want to be sure about quality and toughness, you can never go wrong with a Magnum Specialty Undermount Double Bowl Sink With Apron. That’s one tough sink right there.

Tip #4 – Rolling with the Depth

Depth is key. A 10-inch dep sink will hold lots of piled dishes freeing your countertop space. You also get more volume with square corners, straight sides, and a flat bottom. Soft angles allow for easy cleaning and good drainage. The sink shown here is 12” deep (imagine that?), it might hurt your back when you lean down to pick up stuff in it. Consider that.

Tip #5 – Call Plumbtile!

Plumbtile has various stainless steel sinks to choose from. If you are not sure or do not have the luxury of time to inspect each and every stainless steel sink in the market, call Plumbtile. The team will answer all your questions and give you sound recommendations.

Beautiful Backsplash

Whether you are looking to do a complete kitchen remodel, or looking to make a fast and inexpensive update to your space, installing a beautiful backsplash should be on your renovation “to-do” list.  A backsplash can be neutral and used to enhance an exhisting design or it can be used to stand out and be the focus of the room.  Unsure where to begin when planning your backsplash update?  Talk to a design specialist at Plumbtile for some design tips and advice for your space.

Backsplash Ideas

Here are some great tile ideas by Busby-Gilbert tile to get you started:

Begin with a unique design on your backsplash, and finish off the beautiful design with a neutral ceiling tile.

Design can be found in neutral colors too.  Plumbtile offers a wide selection of tiles that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Check out how this distinctive neutral tile brings character to this kitchen’s backsplash.

Make your kitchen really stand out with this matchless design.  An arched stoned tile is used to enhance this vibrant blue backsplash to give the area behind the range the look and feel of an Italian pizza kitchen.

The same tile from your backsplash can be used to cover your countertop as well.  Just be sure to break up the design with decorative tiles in the backsplash pattern.  Check out this beautiful tile  backsplash and counter top in green tones.

To begin piecing together your new beautiful backsplash, talk to a design specialist and Plumbtile.