10 Easy Energy and Money Saving Tips

eco-earth-friendly-eventsWe’re in the middle of spring, so now is a great time to start optimizing your home and habits towards more eco-friendly practices. As we get closer towards summer, energy costs go up due to more air conditioning, showers and water-cooling being used. In addition to this, using any appliance will warm the house, counteracting any cooling you may attempt.
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Toto, Caroma and Jaclo- Saving Water and Greener Living

As we head into winter, saving water isn’t a high priority on most people’s minds. However, the tight economic times may make some of us think twice before the expensive summer months arrive. There are a number of ways to save so I’m going to mention a few water saving products that can drastically reduce your water usage. The most impressive is Caroma, a company based in Australia, who is noted for their extremely efficient designs. Toto and Jaclo also have great design combined with an ecofriendly construction. Continue reading →

Green ways to save money in your bathroom

There are oh-so-many ways I could talk about ecofriendly products that we offer, so I’m going to break this up into different articles so I can focus on different aspects of how to apply green bathroom and green kitchen design in your home. I’m going to talk about Panasonic and Rheem and the two big ways they can help improve your energy consumption and your quality of life.

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Dornbracht- Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Fixtures

Dornbracht Madison-flair

I’ve talked about bathroom design lately, so I want you to know we also offer several decoration and hardware possibilities for the kitchen.

Dornbracht is a German company founded in 1950. The futuristic styling many German designers pioneered was synthesized with traditional ideas that are easily used in today’s homes. In their own words they say, “Good design has therefore been central to our philosophy for many years. Our products are not merely decorative; they are an expression of a distinctive bathroom culture.”

So what do they have to offer?
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