How to Lay a Stone Tile Floor

If you are thinking about laying a stone tile floor, there are a few things to consider before you begin.  Naturally, you should have already measured the area where you will be setting the tile, and add 15 percent more to allow for cutting and fitting pieces around the edges. Then, think about whether or not your stone tile floor is going to be in a high-traffic area. Continue reading →

Choosing Your Kitchen Countertop Tile


Kitchen countertops are the pride and joy of any great kitchen, which means picking the right countertop material, is an important task.  Asking yourself (or the cook of the family) some important questions will help in the search for the perfect countertop.   What is the priority in the kitchen; style, durability, usability, green factor or maintenance.  All of these items should go into choosing the correct countertop for your new kitchen.  Continue reading →

Celebrate Earth Day!

ImageEarth Day has been celebrated since 1970 and has grown in popularity from an environmental movement that only hippies cared about to a global movement to save and clean up the Earth.  Trees are planted, parks cleaned up, green is made “cool” for one specific day.  Citizens of the world give up time and energy to help make the Earth a little more beautiful.

Globally the green movement is taking effect and at we are making an effort to offer products that are not only stylish and durable, but also greenContinue reading →

Turn Your Outdated Bathroom To Green!

With a few easy steps and updates, you can turn your old and outdated bathroom into a new and environmentally green one.  There are many ideas and products you can add to your bathroom to make it an Eco-Friendly part of your home.  In return, you will dramatically reduce water, reduce the chance of mold and mildew, and do your part in preserving our environment.  Continue reading →

Go Green: Tropical, Coconut Mosaic Tiles

Green Mondays by PlumbtileLet us introduce a very tropical product  tile. It gives your home a feeling of warmth, natural, elegance, stylish and yet very GREEN.  Mainly used in the commercial industry it is now making a breakthrough into the residential industry as more and more people want to make their home Eco-friendly with the warm, style of coconut mosaic tiles.

cork tile


Coconut mosaic tiles give you a more responsible choice in decorating walls, ceilings and floors while at the same time helping a greener environment by making use of otherwise wasted coconut-shell materials.  The coconut tiles will make any room in the home or business more sound proof also.  The natural coconut material will buffer sound so that the high traffic rooms of a bathroom and kitchen are much quieter.  The tiles are affordable also.  These tiles are not out of reach for the residential consumer.

Coconut mosaic tiles are made of  coconut-shell chips. Our coconut chips are cut from natural coconut shells which are abundant and found in many parts of Indonesia.  By using coconut shell as tiles, we also could occupy at least 40 workers for the whole month.  Now, coconut mosaic tiles gives the answer for environment issue and fighting for the world’s poverty. We design and create the tiles which are ready to use and very easy to apply.

Five Elements is distributor that we work with here at Plumbtile.  If you would like more information you can view the coconut mosaic as well as other natural products they carry here.  Call for our Extreme Savings at 866-369-8180 and speak to one of our sales consultants.

Green Mondays: New Eco-friendly Materials

At Plumbtile, we like to research about the newest trends and news about green living and design. It is our advocacy to spread awareness about using sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials for the home.

ThisOldHouse came up with a list of new interior materials that are on trend and in the market. Here are some of them:



Even luxurious leather gets thrown away; scraps from furniture, shoe, car seat, and other tanneries eventually make their way to landfills.

The naturally sound-absorbent tiles install like cork or vinyl (preglued tiles are available). For care and upkeep of floor tiles, use a damp mop to clean them; wax them three times a year, or use a topical sealer once every five to 10 years. Wall tiles do not need wax or additional maintenance.



This luminescent material is 100% post-consumer recycled glass that’s heated and compressed to create solid-surfacing slabs. It contains no binders, colorants, fillers, or other admixtures, and has no off-gassing.

Sample shows slight markings from the bottom of a recycled beverage bottle. To enhance the upgrade, lighter colors can be underlit to make agglomeration markings stand out in dramatic fashion.

To find out more about going green and the use of renewable sources and materials, go to or call 1-866-369-8180.

Green Mondays: Congrats to SURFACE for their Tremendous Recycling Efforts

It’s Green Monday once again! We especially love this day, and we always look forward to a week of awareness regarding our environment and news about the efforts of our industry partners and what they do to help. Last January 29-31, S2 partnered with Mountain Re-Source Center and Tile Partners for Humanity on a recycling initiative focused on post-show product donations. It was a tremendous success and we congratulate all the organizers and exhibitors for a job well done!


With 82 participating exhibitors, Hanley Wood Exhibitions is very satisfied with the growth of this initiative and could not have had such vast success without the help of Freeman, United Services, and Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Mountain Re-Source Center solicited all S2exhibitors prior to and during the show. The participating exhibitors were very generous, offering thousands of square feet of material which filled seven 53-foot semi-trailers to capacity, more than doubling the donations from last year’s inaugural initiative. The loads were delivered to River Valley Community Outreach Center in Gridley, California, Central West Virginia Outreach Center in Gassaway, West Virginia and Las Vegas Habitat for Humanity in Las Vegas, Nevada to serve multiple families and community improvement efforts presently underway.

S2 exhibitors graciously participated in this significant and impactful program. Companies of all sizes actively participated with some of the major donations coming from:

Beaulieu (9,000 square feet of carpet and padding)
Mannington Mills (9,000 square feet of flooring)
Home Legend (5,400 square feet of flooring)
Nature Flooring (3,500 square feet of flooring)
U.S. Floors (2,500 square feet of flooring)
Max Windsor (2,500 square feet of flooring)
IVC US, Inc. (2,500 square feet of flooring)
Johnson Hardwood (2,250 square feet of flooring)

Full article and photos courtesy of Floor Trends Mag</span?

We hope this starts a trend for exhibitors everywhere around the world. Congratulations to SURFACES!

Green Mondays: The Natural Comforts of Cork and Leather Tiles

Green Mondays by PlumbtileIf you’re looking for warm, cushioning tile, think cork. Soft like suede, it has wonderful insulating qualities and resiliency of easy-to-clean surface of wood or tile; plus luxurious appeal from its earthy colors and rich visual texture. Made from tree bark, it’s also a natural and renewable resource, so it’s environmentally friendly.

The material is waterproof (think of the cork in a bottle), and the natural waxy substance inherent in cork, called suberin, makes it mold and mildew resistant, too. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, a cork floor could provide a soft and warm alternative to allergen-collecting carpet. Being waterproof it can also go in rooms such as bathrooms and saunas. Cork is even naturally flame-resistant also. And it’s acoustically insulating properties — shhh, it’s quiet — will take the clatter out of noisy traffic. To view a picture of cork tile for walls in a kitchen by Five Elements go here.

Five Elements also carries Leather Flooring that is truly beautiful.  Leather flooring is durable, looks incredible in most interior settings, and is very supple. Interior leather flooring is extremely comfortable on your feet and also provides heat insulation benefits. Leather in general has a very elegant look, a wonderful aroma, and is naturally lustrous.

At Plumbtile Architectural Bath & Tile Specialists we carry a large selection of green tile products for walls and floors from several different companies. Whatever your design needs are; we can help you.  Call us at 1-866-369-8180 to speak with a Sales Consultant and ask about our Free Shipping.

Let's Go Organic…in the Kitchen

Green Mondays by PlumbtileIt’s Green Monday once again!

We will never get tired of spreading awareness about our environment as well as providing our readers with the latest trends in green design.

Do you know what 2013 will bring to the world of kitchen design? Organic. That’s right, warm, earthy gourmet spaces. Mixing wood, slate, stone, and other rustic materials with industrial pieces.

Terry Mulligan of Yahoo gives us the latest trend in kitchen design:

Earthy Colors

Greens, blues, grays, browns, yellows, reds — these colors will be making a grand appearance in kitchens across the country. Whether on painted, weathered cabinets or handmade, upcycled tile, earthen colors will warm up our cooking spaces like never before. All shades are fair game, unless they glow neon. Stick to what you find in nature, and you’ll be right in style.

Organic Wood Cabinets

Instead of traditionally styled, stained, and glazed cabinets with fancy millwork, look for a more understated display of rustic wood on cabinet surfaces. Spalted maple or natural birch drawer fronts will be mixed with clean, industrial-styled cabinet doors and brushed stainless steel. And this year, austere shaker cabinets will be reinvented in many ways. It will be a welcome, yet unusual departure from the kitchens of the last 10 years.

Wood, Stone, or Tile Counters

Granite may not be the material of choice for countertops anymore. Wood and stone like slate should dominate — then add tile tops and backsplashes with a handmade look and feel. It’s all about color and textures that make you feel at home and comfortable this year.

Materials in Their Natural Form

Anywhere you can use materials in their natural form, it’s time to do so. Exposed beams on walls and ceilings will add a rural touch in some kitchens. Wood counters will sport natural, unfinished edges in their shift to a more organic style.

Rustic Floors

Rustic floors will be the rage. Reclaimed wood or polished concrete with amazing stain work will pull the other organic elements of the room together. Slate floors will also be in demand over highly polished marble or tile. Yet even in their natural form, these floors will still be a work of art. Artisans will be lending their expertise to make them part of a unique and extraordinary kitchen design statement.

At Plumbtile, the leader in all things bathroom and kitchen design related products, we have a wide array of green products from counters, faucets, and even tiles that are that are made from renewable resources that have none to minimal impact on our environment.

Let’s GO GREEN in 2013!

PlumbTile features the largest collection of premium brand names including Alno, Jado, Hansgrohe, Herbeau, Phylrich, California Faucets, KWC, Newport Brass, Toto, Ginger, Americh & Zuma Tubs, Hastings, Sugatsune, Classic Brass & more.

2013 Eco-Friendly Bathroom Trends

Green Mondays by PlumbtileIn the recent years, green designs have become more popular, not only for buildings, but also for clothes, accessories, houses and even specific areas in people’s homes. Bathrooms, being one of the logical areas of the house to save energy, in this case water, has become one of the more popular places to go green.

Green design has also evolved in the recent years. While before putting a dual-flush toilet was enough to make your bathroom eco-friendly, now you can make every inch of your bathroom energy-efficient and not harm the environment at the same time. They need not be boring too. At Plumbtile, the leader in all things bathroom and kitchen design related products, we have a wide array of green products from tubs, showers, faucets, and even tiles that are that are made from renewable resources that have none to minimal impact on our environment. PlumbTile Decorative Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures marketplace leader since 1978 offers contemporary and traditional kitchen and bath designs from the finest brands worldwide. Leading the decorative marketplace since 1978, we provide bathroom & kitchen fixtures, designer hardware, tile & stone products that reflect elegance, luxury, quality & functionality. To know more about these products and brands or advice on how to GO GREEN, call 1-866-369-8180.

Toto Bath California Faucets Bathroom Collections GROHE - Luxury bathroom and kitchen fittings Hastings Tubs, Toilets & Showers

The start of 2013 marks another year of green design trends for the bathroom.

  1. Organic – The past years’ trends concentrated more on functionality. This year, design is going back to the organic sensibilities, using nature-inspired shapes and more renewable or recyclable materials.
  2. Color – Use of eco-friendly splashes of paint or renewable resourced tiles and accessories will be the trend. All these in bright colors.
  3. Spa-like – Now more homes will feel more like spas than the usual family bath.

Let’s GO GREEN in 2013!

PlumbTile features the largest collection of premium brand names including Alno, Jado, Hansgrohe, Herbeau, Phylrich, California Faucets, KWC, Newport Brass, Toto, Ginger, Americh & Zuma Tubs, Hastings, Sugatsune, Classic Brass & more.