Ginger Accessories: Details of Necessities

Normally I write about faucets, tubs, sinks, shower sets and other big items that are must-haves for any bathroom or kitchen. But what about accessories? At some point or another we find ourselves yearning for them, if not outright needing some. A place to hang our towels, to hold our soap, mirrors and lights to see ourselves with. Without these a bathroom would not truly be complete. Ginger is a renowned company whose products focus mainly on that need, along with a newly added faucet line. However, I’m going to focus solely on their accessories.

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Stone Forest's Solid Sinks and Beautiful Design

Stone Forest was the first product line I became familiar with when I started working for I was impressed by the rawness of the form. I had never experienced solid rock kitchen and bath fixtures before, only porcelain or other materials. Since it was my first foray into luxury bath fixtures, their products made an impression on me. Continue reading →

Vola's Curvy Faucets and Fillers

Many of the manufacturer’s goods that we deal in have a variety of styles in order to match a number of consumer’s tastes. They’ll provide rustic designs as well as modern and minimalist to appease fans of retro arrangements and more forward-minded thinkers. However, Vola has decided to forgo this multifaceted approach and offers one cohesive statement in their available bathroom and kitchen products.

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Jado Brings Grace and Function to their Bathroom Fixtures

jado-spoutA good way to start designing your bathroom is to ask yourself how you really want it to look. Are you after the farmhouse design ideal? Or are you searching for something uncomplicated? Perhaps you’re constrained by size and want something unobtrusive. I’ve found that Jado fits in perfectly with many of these aesthetics. They provide variations on classic looks, yet avoid idiosyncrasy for idiosyncrasy’s sake.

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Oceanside Glasstile's Faceted Radiance- Durable, Sustainable Tile


You can’t forget about tile when designing your bath or kitchen. Even if your arrangement doesn’t call for it, Oceanside Glasstile can change your whole composition when used as an accent. The focus of my last few posts have been about the functional side of the products we offer: faucets, handles, showers and accessories. Just as important is the background that your kitchen and bath fixtures are placed in front of.

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Dornbracht- Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Fixtures

Dornbracht Madison-flair

I’ve talked about bathroom design lately, so I want you to know we also offer several decoration and hardware possibilities for the kitchen.

Dornbracht is a German company founded in 1950. The futuristic styling many German designers pioneered was synthesized with traditional ideas that are easily used in today’s homes. In their own words they say, “Good design has therefore been central to our philosophy for many years. Our products are not merely decorative; they are an expression of a distinctive bathroom culture.”

So what do they have to offer?
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The Hansgrohe Collection- Versatile Bath Fixtures

Hansgrohe Axor Starck Showerhead Often when choosing new fixtures for a bathroom there is a sort of mindset involved that’s not unlike investing: can these fixtures be used if I remodel?

Hansgrohe is a versatile company that provides much possiblity, regardless of the tub and tile you choose. They specialize in hardware fixtures like faucets and showerheads in order to focus on the highest quality water flow in your bathroom. They have a belief of making sure the bathroom isn’t just a place of necessity, but one of relaxation and recreation as well.

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