Tips of Choosing the Right Toilet Seat

8b9e9a3a41a2953d70f0ba95674e43d3When looking for the right toilet seat for your bathroom, there are definitely more things to consider than the aesthetics. Contrary to belief, size matters. Functionality, among other things, are also important. The tips below are beneficial to choosing the right toilet for your bathroom space.

Size and Shape. There are many seats to choose from. One thing that has to be taken into consideration is the distance between the wall and the sewer drain. Standard in rough-ins is 12 inches.

With small bathrooms, a rounder seat is appropriate to take up less space and is closer to the wall. Longer seats are better for bigger bathrooms and are further from the wall. When the decision is based on budget, the best choice would be the rounder seat.

If you’re looking for comfort, pay attention to the toilet height. The standard size is 14 inches. However, there are new designs that stand taller. Taller seats are also beneficial to more people, not just those that tower in height. They are more accessible to those with disabilities because it is easier to transfer to and from them and sit comfortably.

Style. Styles come a dime a dozen. When looking at affordability, the best avenue to go is a two-piece toilet, although they require more maintenance. A one-piece toilet, while higher in affordability, is easier to clean and maintain. Another option to go with is wall-mounted. With this option, the wall has to be thicker to hold the seating.

Flush Power. While not many people consider the flushing technology, it is vital to choosing a toilet. Earlier models have used 3.5 gallons of water with each flush. This was until the need to conserve water was recognized, and the newer models were designed to flush only 1.6 gallons. With so much less water per flush, the results were not as effective as the earlier models. The newest models today offer a low-flow option with power-assist per flush. However, not all seating is created equal, so it is important to pay attention to the flush power of the toilet you purchase.

Perks. Bidets are usually found in European bathrooms and are not often found in the U.S. However, it is a perk that shouldn’t be overlooked. Those with limited mobility can benefit from having a bidet. It is also less of an irritant than toilet paper.

There are other perks to consider. For example, soft seats can be cozy and accommodating. It also eliminates the stress of slamming toilet lids. Seats can also come with a heating option that is extremely helpful for those cold days. Contrary to believe, certain add-ons are not budget breaking.

A toilet is definitely an investment well worth it since it will be something used on a daily basis. It should be durable, fitting and accommodating. Knowing what has to be considered will allow you to choose the best fit for your space.

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