is an industry leader in providing high end bath and kitchen products with a dedicated customer service department. We’re not here merely to sell products, but to provide a service as well. We’re in this industry for the long run, and that means in depth coverage of news, releases, products and trends are just as important to us as they are for you, whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or architect.

That’s why in addition to features, we have a How-To section. Check back here weekly for a new tutorial on how to take care of your kitchen or bathroom.

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  • Gina Bon

    To whom it may concern,
    I am interested in a product that is featured on your webiste. It is a wall mounted waterfall type tub filler that is featured with the Zuma tub. How would I find out how much and how to order that particular faucet?
    Thank you,
    Gina Bon

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