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When we think about the holidays we’re overwhelmed with thoughts of delicious feasts and the company of loved ones.  With an abundance of people and food preparation, there is always the threat of germs and food-borne illness.  Proper handwashing and sanitizing of surfaces goes a long way to keeping your family safe and healthy.  However, there are even better ways to avoid the transfer of germs and bacteria…touch-free faucets and soap dispensers. 

Motion Sensor Faucets

Not only will this touch-free fixture help eliminate the spread of germs and bacteria, it is also environmentally friendly.   The sensor ensures that water only flows if motion is detected. This feature ends up saving gallons of water over the years. Additionally, it ensures a mess-free way to clean dishes because it takes away the task of having to turn on the water with dirty hands.  The same can be said for touch-free bathroom faucets.


Touch-free soap dispensers

Just like the motion sensor faucets, touch-free soap dispensers eliminate a common contact point where germs can be transferred. But the benefits don’t stop there.  These dispensers deliver a standardized dose of hand soap or sanitizer.  Less product waste means more money saved over time.  Additionally, they are easy to use, particularly for people that struggle to reach over countertops to access the dispenser.


Because of their modern appearance, both faucets and soap dispensers attract attention which can increase hand hygiene compliance.  Kids think they are fun!  It just might be the boost you need to create good habits and ensure the health of your family.