When you are remodeling your bathroom, you want to make sure everything is perfectly set. This means making sure all plumbing seals are good, all tiles are grouted properly but most importantly you waterproof the areas that have excessive water.  In order to waterproof your shower, you will want to first mark your area. Make sure to properly measure your wall and mark out where you will be waterproofing. Once you have your area measured out you can mask off the section with masking tape. A good rule of thumb is to extend your waterproofing 100mm above your water outlet and 100mm wider than the edges of your shower.

Once you have your area set out you will want to paint primer to waterproof the area. Make sure to use a descent amount to cover the area. Paint a coat of waterproofing where your reinforcing membrane will be installed. Make sure to place the membrane quickly on the area while it’s still wet. After its installed correctly apply another coat over the top, flattening the membrane with your brush. Make sure to put the membrane into the corners. Once you have the membrane is installed, use horizontal strokes to paint a first coat of waterproofing across the walls.


After that has been completed you have your final step before installing your beautiful Plumbtile tiles. You will want to make sure the floor of your shower in completely waterproof. Install reinforcing membrane where the floor joins the walls. Make sure you seal the area around the drain. After it has all been sealed you will want to put a second coat of waterproofing around the entire area. When you have your membrane installed you will want to test the floor to make sure it is sealed properly. If sealed properly apply one last coat then let dry completely.

After your shower has been sealed you can pick out your tiles on Plumbtile and apply. If you have any questions one of your experts are here to assist y

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