Snip20181219_8There is so much more to choosing a faucet than going to a store and grabbing one. There are a few rules to remember such as the holes and handles. If you are just replacing the existing faucet you will want to remember that your new faucet will require the same number of holes in the deck of the sink as your old one. This will include the spout and the handles.

The next thing you will want to do is to make sure you keep up the aerator. The aerator is very important as it is designed to give the maximum air flow with your water to produce fuller water flow.  This will save significantly on the water used. Make sure to replace aerators often.


If you are looking for a certain finish brass is usually the best to choose from. It normally lasts longer and requires the least amount of care. If you are looking for a cheaper way to go you can choose a cheaper finish such as chrome. There are some budget friendly options that will give you what you need. Make sure to always keep your faucet clean. Keeping it clean will make it last a lot longer. You will have less corrosion.


When choosing a faucet, you will want to make sure you know your valves. There are so many different types to look for. For instance, a ball, ceramic disk, compression or a cartridge. A valve is what controls your water flow. Compression valves are the least expensive to purchase but are more prone to leaking. The main thing you want to consider is that you choose a faucet that has interchangeable parts. You don’t want to purchase one and if a piece breaks you will need to replace the entire faucet.

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