Did you know that the average home will use as much as a 1000 gallons of water every day? This is based on a report from the EPA that shows during the off-peak season the average water usage is just 260 gallons. This is usually due to more of the family being home during the day flushing the toilets and taking showers, watering the lawn and washing the cars.

You might have been thinking about how to lower your water bill or you are in a drought area and need to cut back. Here are a few helpful tips to get you through the peak months and keep your water bill low.

Most of the water usage is done in the bathroom. As a home owner you can make a few modifications to your bathroom that will help with the water. Graff offers many water saving faucets and even a water restrictor. Toilets also use a large amount of water with each flush, Toto offers the Drake II toilet that is a low-flow model and will save you money with every flush.

Showers vs Baths. Bathtubs can hold up to 70 gallons of water while taking a shower only uses 10-25 gallons of water. Taking a shower will definitely save you money and keeping your showers to 10 or less will also save you money. Keep in mind the average person uses 5 gallons per minute of water with each shower. Hansgrohe offers water saving shower systems to replace your current shower head.

Another way to save water in the shower is to put a bucket under the shower and collect the water you run while you are letting the water heat up. This water can be used for the plants, lawn, flush toilets and wash the cars. Swapping your standard water heater for a heat on demand water heater will reduce the amount of water you use while waiting on the water to heat up.

Turning off the water as often as possible. When brushing your teeth, washing your hands or even washing the dishes turn off the water when you are not actually using it and turn it back on when you need to rinse. Fill up the sink with soapy water to wash dishes and then rinse them all at the same time.

Leaky pipes. Check all your pipes and fix any leaks that you see. If your water bill is still spiking that means you still have a leak, if you can’t see it then you might need to call in an expert to check behind the walls.

Collect rain water. One of the easiest ways to help your water bill is to set up a rain barrel and start collecting the rain water. You can use this water for your plants and lawn, washing the cars, to use for pets and even in a pinch use to flush toilets.

Making changes daily to your water consumption can not only help you save money but it is also good for the environment. Once you get into the habit of saving water you will want to show your friends and family how to save money on their bills.

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