Everyone loves crown molding but let’s face it, most of us are on a budget when it comes to renovation  and crown molding can be pretty pricey. So here is a way to create your own crown molding without special equipment that will turn out beautiful, one of a kind and budget friendly.

Tools and Materials:

  • thin decorative molding
  • glue
  • laser level
  • nail gun and nails (if you don’t have a nail gun you can use a hammer, a nail gun is quicker)
  • paintbrush, paint and primer
  • miter box and handsaw (if you don’t have a miter box just ask at the lumber yard to cut the pieces, most lumber yards will do this for you)


  1. First thing you need to do is measure the space, once you know the dimensions of the room you will be able to determine the amount of materials you will need to complete the project. If you are enhancing the existing molding here are a few tips:
  • Basic molding can get a face-lift by adding dentil molding to add drama and elegance.
  • You can make typical molding look larger by adding skinny molding, this will make your room feel cozy and warm.
  • By adding squared-off molding, one on each side of your existing rounded molding will give your molding a fresh clean look.
  1. Once you have measured the room, you will then add 10 percent to those numbers for waste.
  1. If you have a miter box and hand saw, cut the molding to size. If you don’t has this saw then once you have the measurements ask the lumber yard to cut the pieces for you. Purchasing a handsaw will come in handy not just for this project but for future projects.
  1. Use your laser level to guide you when gluing and nailing the molding into place. If you have thicker molding, be sure to leave a two-inch gap between the new molding and the existing molding. If you have thinner molding a four-inch gap is required.
  1. Now that all that is done paint all the molding including the space between moldings the same color. This will give the illusion that is one continuous piece.

Now that you are done, step back and look at your beautiful new crown molding!