f24b43b60bb35e8dbd733846e9355f96At some point in time, the garbage disposal will have to be replaced. The next purchase should be durable and long lasting for the life of your kitchen. The next update to the garbage disposal should last beyond the next kitchen update.. With such a wide range of garbage disposals to consider, the fear of making the wrong choice is heavy.

There are many things to keep in mind when shopping for a new garbage disposal. You’ll be paying for the size of the unit as well as its horsepower. Does the new garbage disposal have a good septic tank? How much noise does it make?

Here are some examples of horsepower to consider when purchasing your next garbage disposal.

1/3. This is the lowest available. If you’re looking for utility level, don’t go for this despite the low cost. It might not break down your waste as well as you’d like it to. Not to mention, it will rust significantly faster than other options. This horsepower is only recommended if you don’t plan on using it often.

1/2. Normally, this option is suggested for home use, and would be considered the minimum. The average price is normally under $100. It’s probably as small as its fiscal value and can fit virtually anywhere you need. Just like the 1/3 horsepower, it is a great choice if the usage will be to a minimum.

If you value your peace and quiet, it may not be your go-to disposal. It is probably one of the loudest available. Another downside of 1/2 horsepower is that you would need to constantly run water to help in the food break down.

3/4. You will find this size appropriate for most kitchens. It provides almost no issues, grinding harder to dispose of waste. Jamming is not something that is a worry. It is far quieter than ½ horsepower. You will definitely need more room for its design as it’s larger than 1/2.

1 Horsepower. If you’re looking for horsepower that can grind harder things, such as bones, this is the option to go with. This model is the quietest of them all. It is also a larger disposal, so it will hold more waste at a time. But with more horsepower comes a need to house a bigger disposal.

Now that you have a better understanding of the options out there, the decision to choose a new garbage disposal will be fairly easier.