How many times have you looked at that wall and wished you could change the room but don’t want to do the full-blown redecorating? Sometimes something as simple removing wall paper and adding fresh paint or tile will change a room.

You are no longer limited to slapping some paint on the wall you can use stencils that will look like wallpaper, you can use painter’s tape to make designs or you can use a textured roller to give your walls a fun, fresh and funky look! BUT first…the wallpaper. UGH.

Removing wallpaper doesn’t have to be the bear it used to be and can actually be quite easy to remove with the right tools and techniques. But first things first you need to do a little preparation for the actual fun can start:

  • Removing all the switch plates and outlet covers
  • Move the furniture away from the walls but out of the room is better
  • Cover any furniture left in the room
  • Spread drop cloths or plastic on the floor near the baseboards of the walls where the wallpaper is coming down

Witsnip20170106_6h older wallpaper, you can spray it to soften then scrape it off but the wallpaper is new vinyl coated and made to prevent moisture from ruining them. You will have to get creative to get the water where it needs to be, in this case you will need to put small holes or tears in the paper.

You can do this by scoring the paper with a utility knife or putty knife but be careful not to do too deep and cut into the drywall. If you do cut the drywall, then you will need to fix that before painting. The best option is a wallpaper-piercing tool available at your home store. When you have roll this over the walls the spikes will poke small holes into the wall without damaging the drywall.

Now that you have prepped the wall time to get working. You will need a spray bottle, but you can use a bucket and sponge, a solution of warm water and vinegar (Or wallpaper remover) and leave it on for 30 minutes to start softening the glue.

Once you have allowed that to site for about 30 minutes, slowly start peeling the wallpaper starting with a corner or seam. Use a wallpaper scraper to help you peel the paper, you can use the spray bottle of wallpaper remover to use on stubborn areas. Be careful not to soak your paper too much or it will seep into the drywall and that will be another repair you will need to do.

Now that the wallpaper is off you aren’t finished you still have glue left behind on the wall. Use Tri sodium phosphate (TSP) mixed with warm water to remove the glue from the walls then rinse clean walls with clear water to remove any TSP left behind.

If you have any damage from the scraper you can fill those Finally you need to repair any holes that your scraper made in the drywall you can fix those with drywall or a spackle compound, once dry (usually 24 hours) sand them smooth, apply a primer and paint.

Removing wallpaper is definitely a task that takes time a patience but once you have it off and the new paint or tile on you wall be able to see the difference it makes in the room.


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