So, you are redoing your bathroom and there is a ton of old wallpaper on the walls . Everyone knows how difficult it is to remove wallpaper, well it was up until today. First you will want to prepare your room. Clean everything out, tape up all outlets to be sure nothing is disturbed within them as well as turning off the breaker. If you are using any type of liquid, you want to be sure there is no electricity running in the room.

snip20161212_16Next you will want to assess what type of wall paper you have. This will determine if it is going to be easy to remove or difficult. Keep your fingers crossed that you have strippable wallpaper. In order to test this out, work your putty knife under a corner of the wallpaper, loosen it, and try to peel it back with your hands. If it comes off all in one piece, then you have strippable wallpaper. Be very thankful as this is the easiest wallpaper to remove.

Unfortunately, if you have much like a cheap label, only the surface layer peels away, leaving a papery bottom layer, your wallpaper has a peel-able top layer. If after doing the test you still cannot remove the wallpaper you will need to use another method of removal.

snip20161212_17In order to remove traditional wallpaper, you will want to fill a bucket with hot water. You will want to make sure it’s as hot as you can stand. Mix in a wallpaper-stripping solution and follow through the instructions completely. You can also use a vinegar solution which is eco-friendlier and cost effective. Did you know you can also use fabric softener with about 25-50 percent mixture with hot water? I hope this helps in removing that unsightly existing 1920’s wallpaper. Be sure to check out Plumbtile and our how to section for tips and tricks to all of your DIY needs.

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