Are you feeling claustrophobic in your living space? I bet walls are taking over your home. These days’ homes are built with open floor plans. But if you have an older home you may want to start taking down some walls to open that space up. Nothing says beauty and elegance like an open floor plan. Removing walls is not something you will want to do without having a licensed contractor at least assisting.

It does seem like a simple project but remember to take down a wall or combine a space you will need to check these few simple tips. First make sure the wall in question is not load-bearing and doesn’t hide plumbing pipes. This is extremely important to check. If it is a load-bearing wall you will need the help of an architect or structural engineer to determine what type of support will replace the wall — such as a post and beam — and how you’ll need to shore up the wall while you’re working.

Next you will want to make sure there are no electrical lines or HVAC systems hidden in the walls. Once that is completed and no issues there you can begin patching the floors with your existing tile from Don’t forget one of our specialist would be happy to assist you with finding your existing tile. If you choose to redo your tile you can choose from some beautiful products at Plumbtile. Once that has been completed you will want to finish patching up the ceiling and any paint that has been disturbed by removing the wall.



If removing the wall will be too costly you don’t have to take down the entire wall to get a more open feeling. You can create a pony wall. Which is a half or knee wall that will open sight lines while still defining the different spaces. Half walls are a great option to double as breakfast bars, bookcases, and extra storage. Do not think that you are stuck to one design if you are unable to remove the full wall.


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