Is your family getting larger or maybe your house is feeling a little crammed lately? Well one way you can create more space is to add on a room. That will not only increase function and space for your family but will increase your home’s value. Whether you’re adding a sunroom to enjoy warm weather living, or adding a bedroom for a new member of the family, building a room is definitely a larger project to take on.

  1. Think about the type of room you want to add to your home. Based on your current needs think about the size of room you will need to build. Are you just adding a sunroom or a bedroom? Set your budget for your addition which should include your design and building costs. This will ensure you don’t go over and spend more than you can afford.
  1. Next you will want to create a design plan or map of your property lot including your house. Draw the addition including all dimensions to scale so that you have an accurate representation of the new dimension of your home with the proposed placement of the addition. Make sure to check with your local zoning board to make sure your new addition is within regulations to apply for any permits that is needed.




  1. If you want to add the room yourself, you may want to hire a licensed contractor to assist you with the remodeling. While you will save money by doing a majority of the work yourself you will have an experience contractor to guide in doing the work properly. And to help with a more accurate estimate.
  1. Ask the contractors for a checklist of costs of labor and materials. Be sure to check Plumbtile for all the latest materials to complete your design once the addition is built. Make sure to compare your contractors checklist with your budget and any unknowns. Unknowns are any extra costs that can be incurred that are not known in initial check.
  1. Finally make sure to sign a contract with the builder to begin work on your room Make sure the contract includes the estimated costs, start time and time to completion.


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