Have you picked out your perfect Tabarka Studio tile from Plumbtile and now don’t know where to begin?


  1. Plan your layout

First what you will want to do is plan your layout. You will want to measure to find the center point of the room. Since you will begin laying tiles from the center point out. If the room is off and not properly measured out, you will want to make sure to make adjustments. You will then, snap two chalk lines, one from the midpoints of two opposite walls, and another from the midpoints of the other two walls. Where they intersect will be the room’s center point. Lay out enough tiles along your lines to reach the walls in each direction. Use plastic spacers between the tiles.

  1. Mix your mortar

Next you will mix your mortar. You will then apply with a notched trowel to spread the adhesive over the floor. Start at your layout lines and press the tile against the floor for a good bond, then set the trowel on edge and rake the mortar to create ridges equal to the notch depth. Only work in a small area about 3 to 4 feet square to prevent the mortar from drying as you cut and fit the tiles as needed. Continue to lay all of your tiles out.

  1. Clean and level

Make sure your tiles are level then clean off. Throughout your tile laying process, use a damp sponge to clean off any mortar. When the mortar dries it is much harder to remove any excess. Once you have allowed your tiles to set over night, you will want to remove the pacers and then grout in between your tiles. Make sure once grouted you clean off the excess grout from tiles.

Simple and easy! Now you have that stylish floor with your new Tabarka Studio tiles!

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