This week we are featuring Watermark Linear shower drain and how to install them.  See below for step by step instructions and video.

Watermark – linear shower drain with various design grates.

Installation options:

  1. Rubber Gasket
  2. Threaded Collar
  3. No-Hub
  • Watermark – Linear drain installation with clamp drain.
  • Clamp drain – Connection with discharge pipe must be watertight!
  • Sloped mortar bed: descending towards the drain channel (min2%)
  • MS Polymer – Sealant for pan liner bonding
  • Seal the entire floor with pan liner, remove any air pockets
  • Clamping ring with rubber gasket
  • Concrete board – at least 1/4″ above floor level
  • Remove the o-ring when using a rubber gasket sealing
  • Watermark linear shower drain with height adjustable support
  • Level the drain in all directions and test watertightness
  • Sloped mortar bed: descending towards the drain channel (min2%)
  • Flexible sealing compound
  • 100% watertight due to pre-assembled waterproofing
  • Flexible sealing compound
  • Optional: seal the entire floor with thin-set membrane
  • Flexible tile adhesive
  • Elastic sealant joint around the channel
  • Tile the floor
  • Clean up excess sealant along the edge of the channel
  • Adjust grate height by extending the grate support screws


To watch the step by step instructions, please go to this video:

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