Stress builds up; you can’t avoid it. Luckily, there are companies that provide products that help relieve it. While some of the solutions out there are extra, superfluous things that you may not need day to day, the products here by Zuma are necessities of everyday life. The first two provide bath tubs that are enhanced with extra features like spa jets, air bubbles and ergonomics. Hastings provides a way to fill up these relaxing bathroom solutions.

There are a few ways to make taking a bath more soothing. My favorite method has always been tubs that are more suited to the shape of the human body. A tub which cradles your body is the most basic way to improve your bathing experience. It’s cheap to implement and is a painless choice over a standard issue bathtub. Zuma does this with their corner tub. It’s engineered for irregular spaces, but also tapers towards one end.

Zuma Corner Tub

zuma1  zuma2

Most commonly a luxury bath means spa jets. These are great, but sometimes the high pressure nozzles are too many. There are a few variations on this idea: alternating jets that have a pattern to their pressure or turn on and off periodically are simple techniques that you can make sure are included in your tub. A small stream of bubbles gently floating upwards all over your body is another favored option. These tiny bubbles are more akin to being in a glass of champagne, as they drift up and travel along your body before reaching the surface and gently popping.


zuma4The Zuma Collection proves that extravagance is not necessary for luxury. They integrate calming, smooth lines with simple, proven design. Part of luxury is low maintenance. High quality materials ensure that you won’t have to worry about repairs to your bathroom. They are thickly insulated to retain heat more efficiently. Their timeless design also goes with everything- lighting, wallpaper, fixtures and tiled floors and walls.


You’ll also need something to fill those tubs. It may not seem obvious at first, but there are also luxury bath and shower fixtures. Hastings Tile and Bath are known as one of the best purveyors of water delivery, and their wall mounted shower heads provide one of the best experiences available. If you want a rain system, shower heads, wall emplacement or multiple spots for water, they have it all.

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