Cooking in a small kitchen can be difficult, but installing innovative and smart kitchen designs will help make cooking much easier and much more enjoyable. But just how do you maximize the space of your small kitchen when you can’t fit all of the things you need in order to have a high functioning kitchen? One thing to keep in mind is that your kitchen layout does not need to follow a traditionally spacious layout. By using innovative and space maximizing designs, you will make the best of your small kitchen space and find your cooking experiences much more enjoyable.

First: Kitchen Sink Accessories

First, consider the kitchen sink. The use of the sink to rise, wash, and fill water is absolutely essential for every kitchen. Nevertheless, you can also maximize the use of your sink space when not doing these tasks by incorporating innovative design accessories. For example, sinks by Kohler offer the innovative and durable sink accessories that help make your cooking experience much easier. Kohler sinks allow for space maximization by incorporating vital accessories like cutting boards for fruits and vegetables, bottom bowl racks that help prevent scratching, divider dishcloth bars, and divider utility shelves for scrubbers and sponges. You will be better off with these innovative sink accessories in order to space maximize in small kitchens.


Second: Floor Space and Waste Basket Placement


Next, consider your floor space. Every kitchen needs a place to put its waste but get smart about maximizing its space.  Do you have a standalone waste basket that takes up floor space? You may have a large family or young children and think that they actually need to see an exposed waste basket. However, by using a hide-away waste basket from Hardware Resources, it will open up your floor space and keep trash out of sight as well as improve the overall appearance of your kitchen.

 trashchuteTo be even more innovative, consider installing a kitchen counter trash chute. This makes vegetable peels, coffee grounds, and other kitchen garbage easily disappear with touch of a button. This innovative design will keep your counters trash free and uncluttered. Most importantly, both of these designs will increase the floor space of your kitchen.

Third: Space Saving Storage Areas

Finally and perhaps most importantly for a small kitchen is to consider your storage. In a small kitchen, your cabinets may already be full however the insides of cabinet doors are a commonly overlooked area to space maximize and there are several space saving designs to help you better organize your kitchen. At Plumbtile, we offer a variety of space saving storage options from spice racks, to cabinet and door racks that can either be mounted on the kitchen cabinet door or discreetly hang over the top.These racks can hold everything from spices to travel size condiment packages without putting an unnecessary strain on the door. A further consideration is to add some self-adhesive hooks to the inside of the cabinet to allow for the easy hanging of dishtowels and pot holders. Either of these space saving solutions will free up space in other caspicerackbinet areas and make your kitchen experience more enjoyable.


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