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Which is the best for YOU?

Let’s face who doesn’t look forward to their shower? And who doesn’t rate the shower in someone else’s home, hotel or vacation spot? We all long for that perfect shower the one with just the right amount or pressure, maybe it has the added feature of a message spray or it is hand held. What type of shower head is for you? And who doesn’t walk into a hardware store go by the bath department and are captivated by all the LOVELY shower heads?  Everyone even small children love a good shower and to do that you must start with the shower head.

Everyone faces challenges when remodeling their bathroom and a shower head is no different. There are a ton of different ones but the obstacles you might be facing in your shower is space and water pressure. Well there is a shower head for you! Now comes the difficult part; wading through all those different shower heads to come up with the perfect one. It not only has to work well it also has to look good!

Shower System
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Here are the basics on what to look for and consider when shopping for the perfect shower head:

Type – There are two types of shower heads: fixed/mounted and hand showers. A hand shower can be set up to work as both a hand and a fixed/mounted shower by installing the cradle that comes with the shower head kit.

Height – Since most homes will have multiple family members or guests using the shower you will need to consider positioning the shower head above the tallest person using the shower.

Spray patterns – you don’t really think of spray patterns when looking for shower heads but this will determine the level of comfort of your shower.

Water volume – The average home with a normal single-head shower, half inch water pipes will use at most 2.5 gallons of water ‘per minute’. So the volume of water will depend highly on the shower head.

Cost vs. water usage – You will notice that shower heads not only come in all shapes and sizes but also in all price ranges; the more it costs does not mean the better it is! You can find the perfect shower head for under $100 or you can spend as much as $2000 for a shower system. However, a shower system is usually more intense with multiple shower heads that give you the spa feel. These shower system do require at least 10-15 gallons of water per minute and that is more than four times the amount used by a standard shower head in most homes uses. So you will need to keep that in mind when you pick out the shower head or system.

Now that you have armed yourself with all the information of shower heads and have a pretty good idea of what you want in a shower head go out there and get the perfect one! Be sure to visit

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