Bathrooms that are smaller in size do not have to be less in design.  Using tile in small bathrooms won’t expand your space but, if used right, can help create the illusion or more room. Plumbtile has an extensive collection of tiles to choose from the complement and enhance your space.

Here are some tips on using tiles to complement your bathroom:

Consider using the same tile on the floor and the tub or shower enclosure area.  This will help to create a uniform feel throughout.  You may even want to consider adding the tile to part of all of the walls as well.

Stick to neutral colors and patterns that are not overly busy.  Softer colors will help to expand the area and make it seem larger than it is.  The same is true for simple patterns.

If choosing a neutral pallette of tiles for your main area, consider adding feature tiles in your design with a more unique pattern in order to add a little style to your bathroom.  Remember to choose tiles that go well together.

Check out some of the excellent brands we offer:

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