These four companies are just a few in a long list of manufacturers dedicated to lowering their impact on the environment and offering eco-friendly and highly functional products. To see more eco-friendly companies, visit the Plumbtile Green Products page.


Heading up one of the hottest trends in green living in Hansgrohe, with their line of EcoSmart products like the Raindance shower heads. These products need almost 60% less water to function, while still providing you with the durability, quality, and luxury you’ve come to expect of the Hansgrohe name. Less hot water means a lower cost for you, and less CO2 in the environment.

Due to the technological advances of enriching water with air, your shower experience is filled with plenty of soft water for superior comfort. Not only is this smart for the environment, but for your lifestyle! To update your bathroom, take a look and the Hangrohe EcoSmart products such as the Raindance shower head.


California Faucets

Of course, water consumption doesn’t only take place in the shower. In fact, most water usage in the home will be coming through your faucets, so it is very important that these be as eco-friendly as possible.

Enter California Faucets, with a 32% water savings, non-toxic finishes, and recyclable materials. These faucet designs are stylish and smart – for your wallet and the planet. Don’t forget their shower heads, either. These feature the same finish and materials as the faucets, and offer a 40% water savings over traditional options.



Even before “eco-friendly” and “green living were” words in the common vocabulary, Duravit was heading the movement towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their concern for sustainability is the reason they continue to use sanitary ceramic in their products. The production of this material has little impact on the planet, and involves natural ingredients like kaolin, clay, and quartz.

The combination of that unwavering sense of environmental responsibility and particular quality control methods result in products which are long-lasting and highly functional without harming the environment.


Native Trails

One of the core values of Native trails is a high level of respect for the environment. To achieve their lofty eco-friendly goals, this company create products from recycled and reclaimed materials, prints only on 100% recycled paper, and even composts at the company headquarters!

On top of these measures, each product is handcrafted, limiting the productive pollution to a minimal level. When you purchase products from Native Trails, you can rest assured that you are actually helping the environment.

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